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@SchuylerThorpe is the author of 'Codename Velocity' and the best writing guide I have come across - 'The Basics Of Writing'. The link to this guide is provided in the external link. Please do check it out, it's really very helpful :) !



1. What do they call you?

A. Sky or Schuyler.

2. For how long have you been writing?

A. 26 years now.


3. Which part of writing a story, do you enjoy the most? (Creating characters, the plot and the subplots, the beginning/ending or the middle)

A. I love creating characters, worlds, and strong dialogue. The story is always next in line.

4. Have you faced any embarrassing moments, in terms of writing?

A. Sometimes I forget where I am and have to retrace my steps.

5. Which is your favorite color? Have you made any reference to it in your story/stories?

A. Blue. And no.

6. Out of the stories you have written on Wattpad, which is the most memorable one?

A. My Codename: Velocity novel. It's my first girlxgirl book of its kind.

7. Are you planning on publishing soon?

A. Yes. Two years if I can manage.

8. Which is your favorite book/series on Wattpad?

A. Paladin.

9. What kind of help do you provide - critiques, free advice or editing?

A. A little bit of both. I critique when I have the chance, give out free advice, and do some editing here and there.

10. Which author do you idolize (off Wattpad)?

A. Diane Duane, Diane Carey, Peter David, Greg Cox, and Marissa Meyers.

11. If you were a newbie, which part of the story would you focus on most?

A. The action.

12. Which is your favorite character (off Wattpad) ?

A. I would have to say Velocity.

13. If you were given a choice to become one character (of your story posted on Wattpad) which one would you be and why?

A. I'm pretty close to all my characters, so it would be a tough sell. And since most are women or girls, it would be an interesting thing to see what it would like to be the opposite sex for a change.

14. Do you prefer dark romance or the usual?

A. I usually don't get into romances, dark or otherwise (mainstream anyways). But I'm fairly competent with relationships and have no problems striking up some romance of my own.

15. Where do you look for your inspiration?

A. My dreams and music. Literally.

16. What’s your favorite TV show?

A. STAR TREK of course.

17. Do you prefer more reads, votes or comments?

A. I'm more of the "comments" kinda guy. I would like to see my work reaching people rather than just be silent and off to the side. So I would like people to speak up when they read something of mine. Don't be shy!

18. Imagine the world is collapsing around you, what would you choose to save – technology or books?

A. Books. Always. Because technology can be replaced. And it can be ruined at a moment's notice. But books last forever.

19. What is the best advice you have given and received?

A. An editor of mine told me 14 years ago that readers like variation in their books. So I swore that I would give it to them. IN SPADES. ^_^

20. Any extra tips for our young writers?

A. Yes! PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. Don't be afraid to experiment or fail. And above all, don't feel the need to rush to the finish line with your books. The point of being a writer is to pace yourself. You have your whole lives ahead of you. Don't be in such a rush to get things done quickly. Concentrate on giving out your best work. And do it. Plan on spending a life time with your writing. It's a commitment which you should assign yourself to with dedication and discipline. Set yourself some goals and work towards them. Don't set time limits in the sense that if you don't reach your goal by a set year, you'll fail. I've been there and done that. I'm still here. 26 years later. Still writing. But unlike some of you younglings, I have the *patience* to see things through. That's what my life experience has given me as a writer. And it's an invaluable tool. You have to have patience to be a good writer. So take your time. Don't rush. And all will be well towards the end. You'll get more done if you take things nice and slow.

(hear ! hear !)


I hope you guys enjoyed this interview !

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