Karma by amberlove222

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Title: Karma

Genre/Style/Subgenre: Fanfiction/novel/romance/teenfiction

Story Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/50482863-karma-h-s

Written by: amberlove222

Tags Used: harrystyles, onedirection, fanfiction, chicklit, alternateuniverse

Summary: Deception, manipulation and lies ruined the high school romance between a popular and tries-too-hard Paisley and a love-struck nerd, Harry. Two years later, they meet again in college, completely different people. So different in fact, he's unrecognizable to her.

Karma has bitten Paisley hard. Her life, over the past two years, has been full of misfortune. Now reunited, and while she's unaware of it, can they replenish their love? Or has Paisley's karma forced her to become someone who cannot trust and be dependent of holding onto secrets? And has Harry had a plan all along to seek out his revenge for what she did to him in high school? Or will everything they built up this time, be strong enough for him to forget the past?

Karma tells the story of a building bond between two photographers who share a charming past with a disastrous divide.

Review: There is certainly no shortage of Harry Styles alternate universe fanfiction to be found on Wattpad, which can make those seeking out good options feel overwhelmed. Well, look no further than Karma, a dark, angst filled AU that has your heart gripped in a vice from the very first chapter.

The story brings a former 'popular' girl, Paisley, face to face with the geeky boy she jilted from high school years later. Only, the twist in this story is Paisley has no memory of Harry from her past. No longer is he the quiet but sweet boy with thick rimmed glasses; now, he is the tattooed one night stand Lothario determined to give Paisley payback from breaking his heart. She, too has changed. From the outgoing, carefree girl he fell in love with, to the damaged, guarded and secretive product of an abusive relationship. Her selective amnesia when it comes to Harry gives him the opportunity to work his way back into her life, with the plan to destroy her. Only, he finds himself falling for her all over again.

And, what of young love would be complete without interfering ex's and desperate wanna-be lovers? Paisley, while across the continent to escape her abusive ex, still suffers from nightmares and reluctance to let anyone in; while Harry, despite his interest in Paisley, is fending off unwanted but still enjoyable advanced from a fellow student who makes it quite plain her intentions, as well as her dislike for Paisley. This only causes more conflict between the two, as Harry not only needs to break through Paisleys walls, but also prove to her that he wants to change for her.

Reminiscent of the tragic love stories of Nicholas Sparks, bringing two damaged people together to somehow rebuild their broken hearts, the writer gives the special twist that it was the characters themselves who acted as each others catalysts which changed their lives.

Now, while you will no doubt find yourself screaming at your phone/tablet/computer any time Paisley is directly confronted with information that should show her to Harry is, only to remain painfully ignorant, the sweet and tender rebuilding of their relationship makes up for it. The writer has a way of giving you hope when there is none, and making you connect with the characters despite their flaws. Both characters grow individually and together, and when the story ends, you find yourself yearning for more.

So, if you're looking for an emotional roller coaster featuring everyone's favorite green-eyed 1D member, this story is definitely one to check out.

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