There is a trigger warning for this chapter. I will not give specifics as it would give away the chapter but please be warned that the chapter does contain sensitive content that some might find triggering. This will be the final trigger warning given for this story. From here on out, these themes will be fairly reoccurring. Consider the rest of this story to have an in general trigger warning. I won't be warning anymore when sensitive content comes in. Violence will also no longer get a warning.


Tomomi’s hands gripped the handle of her bag tightly, her teeth sinking into her bottom lip as she walked beside Mami down the sidewalk. She had no idea where Mami was taking her and while she should be scared of that, she was more scared of what Mami wanted to talk to her about. The blonde was acting eerily calm right now; it was a bit off putting to Tomomi.

The silence between the girls continued as Tomomi followed after Mami. The brunette’s eyes were constantly darting between looking at the ground and looking up at Mami. Tomomi wanted to say something to her, but she wasn’t exactly sure what to say. She let out a soft sigh, shaking her head lightly. This was so awkward and it was probably her fault for being such an awkward person.

“I’m surprised Haruna didn’t hit you,” Mami said finally, breaking through the silence that had weaseled its way in between them. Tomomi’s head snapped up to look at Mami, a gentle smile coming to her face when she saw her. Mami looked rather peaceful right now with her head tilted up towards the sky, her blonde hair falling down her back and her hands stuffed lightly into her jean pockets.

“What do you mean?” Tomomi asked. Mami chuckled softly, glancing down at Tomomi.

“She was so angry yesterday when I told her you weren’t coming, I was sure she was going to deck you for bailing on us. But I guess Rina really did work her magic on Haru in order to give you a pass, but I wouldn’t make it a habit of bailing though if you know what’s good for you. Rina’s magic won’t work forever, you know.”

“Her…magic?” Tomomi asked confused. Mami couldn’t control the laugh that escaped her at how confused Tomomi seemed by such a small and simple phrase. Tomomi was such a simple and naïve person, her naivety never got old though. Mami always found such sweetness and enjoyment in her naivety.

“You really are naïve, aren’t you?” Tomomi huffed at the insult, looking away from Mami. She didn’t understand why Mami insisted on saying such things to her.  “What I meant is that Rina has got Haruna wrapped tightly around her finger. Haruna is completely in love with her, she’d do anything Rina desires. Haruna simply can’t say no to Rina.”

“It’s funny, I never thought someone like Haruna could fall in love,” Tomomi grumbled. She had said it so low that she had hoped Mami wouldn’t hear it but sure enough, the blonde had laughed, slapping her on the back.

“Are you begging to be hurt? Go say that to Haruna and see how quickly she hits you,” Mami told her with a grin. Tomomi sighed softly at Mami’s statement, simply shaking her head and refusing to give her a reply. The two girls fell back into a silence but this time, Tomomi felt like it was a lot less awkward.

The more they walked together – even if Tomomi was still unsure of where they were going – the more Tomomi felt comfortable around Mami. In a way, the brunette was almost beginning to enjoy the silence; it was awfully rare for Mami to have a moment when she didn’t have anything to say at all. This silence was peaceful.

There were things Tomomi was thinking of saying or asking, there was so much on her mind. But nearly everything she wanted to say she thought would confess to Mami that she’d been spying on her that day. She wasn’t quite ready to let Mami know of that. In a way, Tomomi wanted to wait for Mami to tell her about it. If Mami would do that then it meant she trusted Tomomi enough, and that’s really what Tomomi wanted.

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