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"Wake up Cait. You must have slept through your alarm, you're going to be late honey." My mom shook me a bit.

"Okay im getting up." I said as I sat up.

My mom looked at me like she was about to cry.

"What?" I asked, confused.

"I just love you so much." She said.

"Love you too mom." I replied, a little shocked that she just randomly told me that.

She gave me a small wave and walked out.

I went into my closet and pulled out my high waisted knee-ripped boyfriend jeans, a spaghetti strapped crop top and some adidas.

The jeans were high enough to not show my belly in the top so I better not get dress code for trying to look cute.

I sat my clothes on my bed and went to get ready in the bathroom. After I brushed my teeth and put in my contacts I looked at my hair in disgust.

What was I going to do with this birds nest?

I quickly put the whole thing a tight bun on too my head and went to put on my clothes. Today is going to be a good day. I'm not going to have any troubles, I'm going to stay away from Dillon and enjoy my day.


"Take out some paper for a pop quiz." Ms. Shitty said.

That isn't her actual name of course, she's just a really old, shitty teacher so students call her that behind her back.

Also, goodbye to having a decent day today. Pop test are the worst

Everyone groaned as they got papers out from their binders.

"Psst. Cait. Lemme borrow some paper." I heard Devon say behind me.

"I swear if I have to give you paper one more time I'm going to scream." I laughed.

Devon basically asks for paper everyday. Two weeks ago I even brought him a stack of paper. But, being a senior in high school, that paper was gone in a minute.

"But you love me, so its okay that I constantly ask for paper." He said as he took the paper I handed.

"No talking!" Ms. Shitty eyes slitted like a snake as she hissed at us.

"Ms. Shitty must be going through menopause." Devon whispered.

Of course, I burst out laughing causing Ms. Shitty to turn and glare at us.

"Detention this afternoon! Both of you!"

I rolled my eyes and Devon huffed but we got quiet as we listened to Ms. Shiteater talk about math for a whole 50 minutes.


"I can't believe we got detention just for laughing." Devon rolled his eyes as he whispered to me.

"At least we dont have Ms. Shitty as our discipline teacher..." I half smiled as I glanced at this old teacher who basically has a hearing problem in both ears and was half asleep.

"How long do we have to be in here?!" Devon groaned.

"I honestly dont know." I put my chin my hands.

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