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To say I was nervous was an understatement. After paying for everything with Vincent's credit card, I take my sweet time getting to the car. His eyes were frantic, so I knocked on the window and ushered for him to get out.

I did my best to avoid Elijah's stare.

"Can you help me put the groceries in the trunk?" He sighs gratefully.


"What happened?" He shakes his head disapprovingly. Almost like he didn't want to think about it. I decided to not push him to explain.

"Don't ask me now. I'll tell you after my meeting."


His meeting felt excruciatingly long. I was in my room patiently waiting for them to finish. I peeked a little bit and saw that they were finishing up. When I saw everyone leave I rushed to Vincent almost immediately.

"Hey, you feeling okay?"

"Not exactly. Had to sit through all of that with a pathetic smile on my face pretending like I cared about what those power-hungry assholes, including my father, had to say. On top of that, my father ruined an entire marriage and feels little to no remorse about it."

My eyes went wide with surprise. "Wait, what? How? Who's marriage?"

"Please don't ask me for the details because that's all you really gotta know for now. Also that my dad thinks I'm a piece of shit, but so does everyone else in the world so what else is new. The ugly truth is I haven't had respect for my father in a really long time, now at this point- it feels like he deserves none."

I frowned and put a hand on his shoulder, "Hey don't say that, don't you dare mope on me now. Don't let what your father thinks of you, define who you wanna be and who you choose to be. Every choice you make, every person you meet- they're all meant to influence you, they're all meant to be or to have been in your life. But the way you let it influence you is what defines that inner part of yourself. Everyone makes bad choices. Now I don't know what your dad said to you- but you're better than you give yourself credit for."

He gives me a thoughtful look and smiles slowly, "So you're my therapist now too?"

"Don't joke around right now I'm serious, Vincent. Believe it or not, I know exactly how you're feeling and I'm sorry. Because I know that it's a shitty one."

"Yeah yeah, whatever. Look, I'm still in a pretty shitty mood. Do you wanna do something?"

I look down at the phone in my hand and check the time, it read, 12:34 PM

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I look down at the phone in my hand and check the time, it read, 12:34 PM. "Like... Just the two of us? I mean... We could, what did you have in mind?"

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