Turning off the highway and onto a small street we pull up to a McDonald's. We walk out of the car and people around give us an astonished look. "Why are they looking at us like that?" Vincent asks.

"I mean we did just pull up to a McDonald's in a Rolls Royce." I uttered. Vincent steps in front of me and holds the doors open. I thank him quickly and walk in, him following behind. Making my way up to the front to order I began "Hi, could I please get 4 junior chickens, 2 large fries, and 2 large drinks please."

"What would you like the drinks to be-" the teen girl behind the counter stopped mid sentence the second she glimpsed up at us and spoke again.

"Oh my god! You're Vincent Knight. My friend and I are  obsessed with you. What drink can I get you. We have the um..." she looked briefly at the pop towers that were located on the left.

"-The orange beverage and the purple beverage." She replied.

"So like... Soda. Unless you can offer me a Gin and Dubbonet or an Armand de Brignac Champagne, I'm not interested." He explains. The girl taking our order looks over to me confused.

"Forget whatever the hell he just said, I'll have an iced tea and he'll just have... Water." I smile at her politely. She inputs the order and tells us the price. I'm about to pull out my card as Vincent already has his in his hand. He pays and we get our order number.

We stand awkwardly as we wait for our food.

I rock on my heels and give him a smug look. "So... You come here often?"

He flashed me a sarcastic smile. "Only everyday."

Lightly chuckling, I gave him a small nudge on his shoulder. A few minutes pass and still nothing is said between the two of us. "Now serving order 420." Someone behind the counter announces. I walk and take the bag from her saying a small, "Thank you." to them.

Vincent and I find an empty booth at the back of the Mcdonald's and sit down opposite to each other and begin taking our food out. I start on my first junior chicken as he stares at his, a disappointed frown evident on his face. I can't help but chuckle lightly at this action. He continues to eye his food judgementally and finally picks it up, looks at me then back at the burger in his hands. Slowly bringing it to his mouth, he takes a small bite.

Without a word Vincent picks up his cup of water and takes a sip. He makes a disgusted face and sticks his tongue out. "What was that face?" I ask trying to hold in a laugh as I keep eating.

"The water tastes, and smells like metal." He gags.

I let out a snort, and roll my eyes. "Rich people." He slides his cup over to me.

"Yes it does, smell it and try it. Tell me again if it's just my 'rich person' senses." I roll my eyes and take a sip from the cup. I make the same face Vincent made and reply, "All right... I take back my previous statement."

"People actually eat this food and enjoy it?"

I laughed, "Not everyone is as lucky as you to have fancy high class food everyday. Some people, like, yours truly- have the worst luck , in all honesty, sometimes it's a privilege to be able to afford the overpriced big macs. Not everyone can just pull money out of thin air!"

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