Rolling around in the comfortable bed I hear the light but noticeable vibrations of my phone against my nightstand. Turning yet again to face my phone that flashed my mom's contact name and number.

"Hello?" Groggily, I picked up and the panic in my mother's voice was loud and clear. Worry started to cloud above my head.

"Oh thank goodness you picked up, Breanna's in trouble."

"Mom, what's wrong what happened to her?"

"Remember that man that was harassing her at work? He's been tailing her since she left the house to go buy food for us tonight. She called me, but I can't do anything because she has the car. I need you to get to her- somehow, please. She can't run, or he's going to know that  she knows she's being followed."

"Which grocery store?"

"U-uh... I don't know the one off Adelaide Street, the big one."

"How am I supposed to get there on time? Call the police mom, the drive is an hour away, if I bus it'll take double the time."

"Do anything you can, I'm going to try and find her, but he knows who I am- if he sees me, I don't know what he'll do. Can't you ask your boss to drive you?"

"Vincent Knight?" I exclaimed. Knowing him, he would just blow me off. Plus he's hungover- his mood probably isn't going to be the greatest if I wake him up at 10 AM.

"I'll see what I can do, okay mom? Stay put for now, and I'll try to be there as soon as I can. I won't let that man get to either of you. Do you have any idea why he's following her?"

"No... She never told me what he did to her. But all I know is he tried to rape her and I'm fucking terrified B, I can't stop shaking. I hate that I'm just sitting in here worried about her."

This was my mother, fragile physically, but holds the strongest heart- with a sailor's mouth.  She's already gone through so much when it came to family, but this one time is the only time she's defenseless.

"Just keep texting her and updating me okay? I'm on my way now, I love you mama."

"And I love you, be careful Bella."

"I will."

Angrily putting my phone back on the nightstand. I limply pull the warm covers off my body and swung my legs out of the bed. Making my way to Vincent's room while practically stomping because I didn't want to ask him to drive me. I stopped in my tracks as soon as I was faced with his door.

Reaching my hand out to grab the doorknob I hear light snores coming from the other side. Before deciding against waking him I turn the knob lightly only to stop when the door is swung open. "What?" Vincent mumbles faintly.

"Um... My mom needs me home for something." I stuttered seeing that he was shirtless.

"Okay? So go. I don't give a shit about what you do if it's a family matter. Just make some breakfast before you head out." He says while pushing past me.

"I-I was actually wondering if maybe you could drive me?" I stuttered again this time out of nervousness.

"What for?"

"Sort of an emergency, I need to get there asap, so if you could do me a solid- just drive me this once?"

"Pay for my gas and I will. I'm not going to waste my time on you, if you really need to go and it's as important as you claim it is, then you'll find your own fucking way. So don't drag me into your personal life." He continued to walk and rub his temples.

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