"Where are you? I have been here for over an hour, and people are starting to stare at me from sipping an empty cup with melted ice."

There was a faint laughter in the background and overlapping voices.

"Relax. I'm already on my way there. Do you mind just staying at my friends place while I go settle everything at my house?"

"Is your friend cute?"

He chuckled, and I could picture his obnoxious grin. "Yeah she's beautiful."

I groaned, "Well, I'm sure she is. How much longer until you'll be here?"

"Maybe 15-20 minutes? Quit complaining you're literally getting paid to shop and stand around and look pretty today."

"Oh really? Watch, you won't even let me attend that party."

"You have to. No ones gonna clean up that house after the mess- that's why there's you."

"Can I just stay back home with my moms and come back afterwards?"

"So you wasted my money and time by buying a dress? Probably shoes? Didn't seem like you had a car of your own so you're gonna bus for over an hour just to come back right after? What's the point?"

I stayed quiet.

"Just hurry up." And I hung up.


"Took you long enough. Who's the guy with the nice muscles, and the girl with the nice abs in your backseat?"

I rolled my eyes, and looked in the rearview mirror at my childhood best friends.

"That is Lindsey Griffin, and Jordan Blake. You'll be staying with them until the party starts. Surprised you don't know them, they're pretty big up-and-coming actors."

She glanced behind the seat and gasped. "They're even more good looking once you see them better."

Lindsey laughed, and she laid her head on Jordan's shoulder. "Wow I wish I could say stuff like that without getting judged, Bella right?"

She smiled, "That's me. I'm sure Vincent has had a lot to say?"

Jordan nodded, and smirked. "You slept in the house one day and he's already got shit to say about your uh... Sleeping habits."

I winced, and told him to shut up, and Bella gave me an incredulous look. "Creep. Did you watch me sleep?"

"No! No I didn't! When I came into the basement to wake you up... You just looked... Weird. Exposed OKAY. Shut up Jordan or I'm gonna punch you in the face."

"You're a little too far away to reach me."

Lindsey laughed, "Take your eyes off the wheel for once second and you're gonna risk all of our lives."

"People are assholes."

"And you're the biggest one." I glanced at Bella who said it under her breath, and I decided to not say anything.

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