I've always told myself to be smart. Not to make too many rash decisions. But as I stand in front of this 22 year old man-child-player, who's refusing to let me in his house, I'm starting to think, maybe this was a bad idea.

"Vincent, please, you already let me put my stuff in there last week! What's the huge deal."

He groaned and attempted to slam the door in my face repeatedly, but I wouldn't let him. "The huge deal, is that I'm in the middle of a meeting right now."

I raised my brow, and scoffed. "Shirtless and in sweatpants? No wonder you're giving your record label a bad image. If this is how you show up to meetings, I really feel for your dad-"

"Watch what you say to me."

"Or what? You can't fire me, you aren't the one that's paying me, and you aren't the one that hired me either."

"Look, the point is, I'm busy right now. So get lost, come back in an hour or so."

"Where the hell am I supposed to go?! I'm not driving back home that's already an hour wasted."

"Then stay out here in the driveway for all I care."

As I clenched my fists, I heard a faint voice of a woman in the upper floors. "Vince! What is taking so long. You've literally been bugging me to-" A look of shock descended upon her face, and she looked me up and down.

"-Damn, I'm sorry I didn't realize you had other company tonight."

Vincent slammed his forehead on the door, "It's nothing Fey, I'll be up in a bit okay. It's just an annoying girl that's been following me around asking for an interview-" 

My first instinct was to grab his ear and drag him in the house angrily, and shut the door behind me. "Well Fey he called you a business meeting."

Her mouth was agape, "Excuse me?"

"Sorry. Let me introduce myself. I'm Bella Price. I'm his new maid, his dad hired me last week."

Realization dawned over me as I took in who I was talking to.

"Oh holy crap you're Fatima Amari. Oh my god!"

I mean, no big deal, I'm just talking to one of my favourite actresses ever. I could see with the side of my eye that Vincent was growing impatient.

"Did you just say that you were his maid?"

I nodded. "I'm supposed to keep him in tact."

"Good luck with that sweetheart. But you look... Young. Pretty enough to be a model. Actress, whatever."

"So I've been told, that I look young I mean-"

I was going to walk towards her and shake her hand, but the man-child himself, took it as a chance to pick me up and drop me on the nearest couch.

"You're done talking. Leave."

Fey put a hand on his chest, and shut him up. "Hey. No need to be an asshole to her too. If she's supposed to be living here you can't just kick her out every time a girl comes over. Besides, if you think I'm sleeping with you now then you've got another thing coming."

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