Chapter 3: The Thrill of Battle

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Following the young boy's challenge, the group the group walk of to the side to a clearing large enough for a battle. The area is surrounded by trees and there are a few large rocks around the soon to be battlefield. The two boys walk up to each other and and introduce themselves before they begin. "The name's Joey hope we have a good battle." he says with a really excited air about him. "Well I'm Taico and you bet I'm gonna give it all I've got." says Taico confidently. They stand about 30 feet apart from each other pokéballs in hand. Taico then looks over to the group and thinks for a second. "Hey Akame" he begins "could you referee for us?" "Yeah sure I don't mind" she says as she walks over to the middle edge of the arena. "The one on one battle between Taico and Joey will now start. When either trainers pokemon is unable to continue the battle will end. Now let the battle BEGIN!"

Taico tosses out his pokéball. It spins through the air before popping open releasing a red light that fades to reveal Taico's partner Pancham. The small panda pokémon flexes confidently mirroring his trainer's own confidence. Joey then rears back and throws a white pokéball with all he has. "Go Shinx!" he Yells as the pokemon is revealed from the red light. It is a small feline pokemon on all fours with a blue face and front of the back half of its body is black all the way down until the tip of its tail which is a yellow four-pointed star. Shinx stands in a position as if it was ready to pounce obviously ready for battle.

"Shinx charge!" Joey Yells. The small Pokémon starts sparking as it fills itself with electricity preparing for an attack.

"Now Pancham karate chop!" Pancham shoots forward and brings it hand down on the Shinx's head. It winces in pain as it backs away. "Shinx hit him with spark!" the electricity Shinx had previously gathered is now going rapidly around it uncontrollably as the pokemon charges forward. Pancham moves to get out of the way but Shinx quickly rams into his side shocking the panda-like pokemon. "Now Shinx quick attack!" commands it's trainer. Pancham starts to get off the ground, but is having trouble moving due to the electricity still running though it's body. Shinx is quickly closing in to strike once more. "Don't give up partner! Hurry and use tackle!!" Taico shouts to his hurt Pokémon. His words reach the Pancham in time as he manages to dart forward hitting the Shinx head on knocking both of them back. They are both struggling to stand at this point. "Come on buddy you've got more in you I know you do!!" Taico cheers to his pokémon confidently. Both of them are on the midst of collapsing before Shinx takes a step forward to begin to strike again but immediately hits the group with no more energy to go on. "SHINX IS UNABLE TO BATTLE! TAICO AND PANCHAM ARE THE WINNERS!!" Akame shouts concluding the match obviously happy that her friend won. 

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