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@Whisperingwater is the author of 'Her Charming Secret' and the guide 'How To Promote a Story and have fun' on Wattpad'. It's a really good guide for all the new users. The link to the guide is provided in the external link.



1. What do they call you?

A. Water (On Wattpad)

2. For how long have you been writing?

A. 2 years. But I remember writing a short story 5 years ago.

3. Which part of writing a story, do you enjoy the most? (Creating characters, the plot and the subplots, the beginning/ending or the middle)

A. I would say everything. I think a book is like your baby, you can't love just one part, you love everything. You basically adore it!

(yes, that's true :))

4. Have you faced any embarrassing moments, in terms of writing?

A. I fell in love with my own character. Embarrassing enough? ;)

(Not embarassing at all.)

5. Which is your favorite color? Have you made any reference to it in your story/stories?

A. Blue. Yes, Jo Winters from Her Charming Secret calls her uncle Blue Panda. I must add, a huge blue panda.

6. Out of the stories you have written on Wattpad, which is the most memorable one?

A. Her Charming Secret. My first fiction. It took me 8 months and 24 days to complete it, the most memorable time of my life.

7. Are you planning on publishing soon?

A. I guess, once I'm done with the final edit then yes.

8. Which is your favorite book/series on Wattpad?

A. Without a doubt, The Enchantress Series by @jewel1307. Julie is my favourite author, I enjoy all her works.

9. What kind of help do you provide - critiques, free advice or editing?

A. Critique, no. Advice, yes; but only stuff related to Multimedia, Cover Designing, Trailer Making, HTML codes. And Editing, no.

10. Which author do you idolize (off Wattpad)?

A. Julie Chapman, Pseudonymous Bosch and Meg Cabot. They are the best, I can't choose just one.

11. If you were a newbie, which part of the story would you focus on most?

A. Grammatical Errors. Punctuation. And the plot, because a story isn't written in a day. It takes time to build it. =]

12. Which is your favorite character (off Wattpad) ?

A. Sherlock Holmes from Canon of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Lucien from The Enchantress Series by Julie Chapman and Jesse de Silva from The Mediator Series by Meg Cabot.

13. If you were given a choice to become one character (of your story posted on Wattpad) which one would you be and why?

A. Tough choice. I would choose Jo because she's full of life. She's an awesome character.

14. Do you prefer dark romance or the usual?

A. I read different genre. No Fan Fictions, but I don't mind Sherlock Fan Fiction. It's like experimenting, reading different stuff and exploring the whole new world.

15. Where do you look for your inspiration?

A. Inspiration? Anything and Everything. Mostly my photography, it inspires me a lot.

16. What’s your favorite TV show?

A. Sherlock. The BBC one.

17. Do you prefer more reads, votes or comments?

A. Not at all. But it's not like I hate them, they are always welcome.

18. Imagine the world is collapsing around you, what would you choose to save – technology or books?

A. I think I'll save myself first. And my family. Ha-ha! Books can be written once the world is back to normal and even technology can be created again.

(lol! smart answer :))

19. What is the best advice you have given and received?

A. 'Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves. Life is a journey, it begins with oneself, so love and trust yourself first. Others will do the same.'

And the best advice I received was -- 'The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.' But this is a quote by Albert Einstein. And my Grandad always said that to me.

(loved the quote and the advice. Newbies are you taking notes or not? lol!)

20. Any extra tips for our young writers?

A. Be Brave. Take Risks. Nothing substitutes experience. Go for it! Keep writing! Don't let the writer's block, the jealous friend, the worst critique bring you down! Remember one thing, you’re your own worst critic, but don't let that effect you. Love your characters like they are real people. Feel their emotions, let the story flow and never give up! Because one day, when you pick up your book from the top shelf, sit on your rocking chair and read it, you'll realize how memorable that day was when you first started writing and kept writing till the end, that's the real achievement. Just don't give up!

(*claps* Very well said my friend !)


I hope you guys enjoyed the interview ^^ !

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