They're Up There

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(Warnings: Alexander's Birthday, trash talking Donald Trump, visit to Trinity church, comic references, angst, character building and bonding, Laurens gets a black eye, "You the guy from the ten dollar bill?")
(Y/n POV)
"Happy birthday, Alexander." F/n tossed him a heavy box, wrapped in plain yellow and black stripped paper.
Alexander's eyes lit up. "Thank you." He tore open the paper to reveal a del laptop computer in its packaging.
He arched a brow. " it?"
"It's a computer. You can write on it, but with keys." I said.
F/n helped him open it and set it up with his name and a password only he'd remember.  He learned pretty quickly how to type, opening a document and going at it. I bet he'd like this a lot more than physically writing.
Jefferson leaned over. "So it's a birthday present? How old is Alexander turning this year anyway?"
"Two-hundred sixty." Jodie responded, giggling as Alexander choked on his coffee.
A week and a half has passed since then. Today is Sunday the 22nd of January. I sat on the couch next to Madison and Jefferson late in the night, the sound of Alexander's fingers on the keyboard in the corner of the room. It didn't seem to brother anyone. The news was playing the same old shit about the inauguration.
I snorted. "Hey Alex."
He hummed in response.
"You know that Trump said that if you were around at the time you would have voted for him." I chuckled slyly.
Alexander scoffed. "I would rather French kiss Jefferson."
Thomas rolled his eyes. "Same, but with you. This guy is a fool. Basically, he's exactly how I would describe Alexander before Washington resigned-" Washy shifted on my lap. "-he dresses like fake royalty and smells like new money."
F/n wandered out of their room and went to grab coffee. They came and sat next to the couch on the floor. "Hey, Y/n what's the date today? I keep forgetting if I have a doctors appointment." I chuckled at the fact they were drinking coffee this late. I was sticking to decaf.
"The 22nd."
I see Alexander stiffen in my peripheral vision.
He shook his head and muttered a name sadly. "Philip..."
James looked over to him as F/n raised an eyebrow.
"Oh, Alexander... it's your son's birthday isn't it?" I wondered sympathetically.
He nodded and cleared his throat. "Yes... it is..."
After some slightly angst I made everyone dinner. James picked at his food and coughed. He was obviously still sick. I gave him two more cold pills and he swallowed them quickly, hoping to feel them affecting him nicely.
John and Hercules ate like pigs. Usual for them. Mulligan disappeared into the kitchen, grabbed a raw egg from the fridge and chucked it at Laurens' face. Laurens laughed while trying to remove the thick splattered yolk from his fluffy hair. Apparently John and him were playing footsies under the table.
Alexander seemed utterly depressed now that he realized today was the birthday of his late son. F/n remembered their doctor's appointment was actually Wednesday, so they were staying home. I don't know what made hem think they had one so late at night, but whatever. Lafayette was his usual self: a little introverted but otherwise enjoying the conversations.
Jefferson and James were obviously the most elegant eaters. Besides Burr too. He was mostly silent. He was quite the reader. Eight books in a week, why does he read like he's running out of time?
Alexander just couldn't smile. When he did it would be fake. When he was done eating and so was I, I stood up. I had an idea that would help him cope. "Alexander, get your shoes and coat on, you're coming with me." Everyone else froze. "Everyone else can stay here. I just need to talk with Alexander in a more private environment. Jodie make sure no one dies."
Jodie nodded slowly and giggled.
Confused, Alexander slid on his shoes and pulled his hair back into a ponytail, grabbing his coat. I grabbed mine with my wallet, and put on my shoes. I took him down to the street and hailed a cab.
"Where to?" The driver asked.
"Trinity church cemetery, please."
I paid the driver and we got out of the cab. I waved him goodbye.
Alexander stared at the cemetery with wide eyes. "Why...why are we here?"
"I need to show you some things..." I grabbed his hand and led him into the open gates. We walked slowly and silently through the full cemetery full of figures from the past. I made it to the Hamilton plot.
Alexander's eyes filled with tears as he saw the grave of his son.
"Philip Hamilton
He smiled softly and touched the headstone. He looked up and saw the massive grave that was indeed his own. He touched over the lettering and sighed.
He then saw his wife's and his sister-in-law's. He bent down and kissed all of them.
He whipped around and hugged me. "Thank you for taking me here, Y/n..." he buried his face into my shoulder and cried bitterly. "I-I needed to see this."
I smiled softly and hugged him back, "I knew it would help you cope..."
Alexander backed up and wiped his eyes. "Jeez... Eliza you old woman, you lived so long." He started laughing. "Oh my god, ninety-seven!"
I giggled too. "She was given so much time, and she did so much..."
"Like what?" He asked as we began to walk back to the road.
"She started the first private orphanage in New York City. She raised hundreds of children just like you, Alexander..." I smiled warmly.
Alexander looked up at the sky and mouthed, "thank you, my love."
I bought us some crappy "street meat" as locals called it from a street vendor and we sat on a park bench.
"God, so much as changed since I've been gone." Alexander sighed out.
"Yeah, that's what time will do... You made a great impact on America..." I took a bite of the hotdog I had.
He chuckled, "Ha, and we may have someone whom I'd classify as "less qualified than Aaron Burr" running the nation, but I can see all I've done..." he leaned forward slightly. "...and it's made me very happy."
"I'm very glad."
He took a bite of his hotdog and quickly spat it into the trash can, "This is fucking terrible."
"I know, right?" I laughed. He laughed with me and we threw out the rest of both.
We walked a couple of blocks, making fun of stuff and talking about random topics. I seemed to bring him momentary joy. That made me feel good that I could give him some peace. Someone stopped us, making me grab my wallet and hold it in case they were a pick-pocketer.
"Hey, you look like the guy from the ten dollar bill!" They laughed.
Alexander's face contorted with confusion. "Uh..."
I facepalmed. "Goddammit... I knew there was something I forgot to tell you." I led him away from the dumbfounded man and showed him a ten dollar bill. He chuckled and snickered. "My legacy is paper."
We laughed again. This was a good bonding experience for the two of us.
A cold gust of wind blew threw the streets, making us both shiver. We promptly took a subway home.
Everyone was asleep. Everyone but me. I laid in bed and contemplated on whether or not I wanted a midnight snack. Or better yet, a drink to soothe my dry tongue. I groaned and rolled out of bed, opening the door. That's when I heard it...
There was a dark figure standing in the kitchen, holding a knife and cutting something on the counter. I looked at James, Jodie and Thomas. They were still asleep, and the door was closed for F/n and the others' room. I got on my hands and knees and slowly crawled over. The Cannibal was in my fucking house. I reached into the cabinet and snatched up frying pan. I brought it up and harshly whacked the figure across the face, and flicked on the light. They yelled in pain and fell to the ground, clutching the knife.
I gasped, as I realized the figure I had smashed was Laurens and the object being cut on the table was in fact, not human flesh, but bell peppers.
Laurens groaned as I helped him up. His lip was split and I obviously bruised his cheek and gave him a black eye. The split lip was emergency room worthy. I got him an ice pack.
"Jeez, I'm sorry..." I said sympathetically, "I thought you were the Cannibal or a burglar or something..."
He rubbed the ice pack against his sore face, "Not much harm done. I would have thought I was the Cannibal too, to be honest." He chuckled, dabbing the cloth against his bleeding upper lip.
"I'm gonna take you to the emergency room... So if you can go grab that fake license and medical card I have while I get your coat and shoes for you."
He seemed confused about the emergency room part but nodded and grabbed his things.
Oh buddy boy...
(A/n: So I think for the next few chapters I, going to have it so you bond with each individual founding father. This chapter was Alexander, and next chapter will be Laurens, seeing as you're taking him to the emergency room. Hope you liked it! Also I pumped out so many requests for this one. Thanks for the suggestions and I gladly always accept more. Thanks for reading.)

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