Ch. 2- Maddy and Dom

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Chapter 2

            Maddy almost arrived late to mass, slipping between the closing doors. Checking on the wounded man had taken longer than she had thought. And what a fright he gave her! What kind of person would attack someone like that, no questions asked?

A crazed person was the only answer she could come up with. Hopefully when she next saw him she could talk some common sense into him…if she saw him. Before leaving Maddy had gotten a strange feeling. Almost a foreboding. Looking back at him the scene so normal, him sitting on the bed…it didn’t seem like it would happen again. That she would return and see him in the same spot, stitches needing to be changed.

Maddy pushed the still lingering thoughts aside in favor of her other concern. She had lied to a sister! Maddy had attempted to stay as close to the truth as possible but it became inevitable; she had to lie, and to one of God’s own too! Maddy felt unspeakably shamed. For if she lied again she would be that much more susceptible to doing it again, and in no time she would be no better than a thief! No, worse, a criminal of the crown! Even then the almighty would look down with shame and disappointment at her downfall! Oh! If only prayer would come sooner so she could apologize!

Mass was dragging by painfully slow for once. But she enjoyed singing the songs- at least they put her mind off of her worries for awhile.

One of the sisters next to her suddenly caught her attention. “Maddy! You forgot to bring the communal cookies (?)! Go get them girl!”

Maddy gasped. She had completely forgotten. “Right away sister! I’ll be just a moment!” With that Maddy quietly made her way to the side doors, her cheeks flaming at the stares she was receiving. She cringed as the doors squeaked slightly. Maddy had just retrieved the cookies when she caught sight of something out the window. Intrigued, she stepped closer to gaze out over the courtyard. For a moment she could not see what had caught her attention. Then she saw the far shadows ripple, and realized there was a man lurking in the shadows. And not just any man! Maddy gasped. It was her patient!

She was filled with outrage. He had promised to stay put! He had already pulled stitches but now he was up and about, skulking around the shadows? Maddy stormed out of the nearest door. She was going to give him a piece of her mind, shyness not withstanding! (I need some friendly swearing here… or later)(note-use pumpernickel)

Maddy got to the front gates of the courtyard before she hesitated, looking back at the Church doors. But her irritation and curiosity forwards the patient pulled her into the depth of the city, engulfing her in sounds and chaos. Maddy was momentarily surprised at the commotion. Usually she was in a carriage, protected from the streets and the riffraff.

“Git outa da street!” At team of horsed came bearing down on her and she just managed to get away before they flew by. Her cheeks reddened in irritation, her upbringing and shyness preventing her from yelling insults.

“Are you all right miss?” asked a youth. He had curly blonde hair and had to be at least as old as her, if not a bit younger. “Often times those caddies will ride right through ya. No respect whatsoever!”

Caught by surprise a mumbled “I’m alright” weakly slipped past her lips. Maddy coughed and tried again, a little stronger. “Yes, I’m quite alright, thank you.”

“The name’s O’Brian. And what’s a sweet thing like you doing out in the market? Getting a glimpse of the life, eh’?”

Maddy shyly met his eyes. “Um, actually I am looking for someone. Sort of tall, brown hair, walking slowly. He took a knife to his side and tore the stitches and now I’m trying to find him because he could seriously be hurt and-“

“Whoa, slow down there missus.” The boy suddenly had a flat, suspicious gleam in his eye, although his easy grin never faltered. “I haven’t seen an’one with your description. ‘Sides, unless you know his name, its near impossible-“

“Oh- there he is! Please- excuse me-“ Maddy took off into the thin crowd, quick enough that the boy was caught off guard.

“Hey, watch were ya goin!” Many shouts and grumbles were heard as Maddy rushed to the last spot she saw him- near an old cart with a nag tied up. As Maddy rounded the corner she saw a small alley between the two buildings. She looked around for him one last time before she dove into the dark alley.

The space between the buildings was small and dark, smelling very strongly. Of what Maddy didn’t want to know. She jumped as a cat ran past her. Her steps slowed as she started to doubt her decision when she heard a loud thunk and some chuckles. The hair on the back of her neck stood up, and she knew she should run the other way but her feet brought her into the turn in the alley, slowing as she peeked around the corner.

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