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Chapter Twenty Seven- I Know Everything Will Be Alright

It's been a month and a half since I found out the daunting news. I had learned to accept it for the most part. Tom seemed fine with the news, more than fine actually. He had been away for a long time, work related. As of now he is filming for two movies; yeah not one but two. Rise of the Planet of the Apes and From the Rough, which are being filmed in Los Angeles and New Orleans, both in which are in America.

I stayed busy with my time though, learning up on pregnancy, getting my eye surgery done (Still need to wear glasses for a few more weeks, just as a precaution), oh and my favorite: morning sickness.

We hadn't really told anyone about the child growing in my stomach yet...well besides the important people. All of Tom's and mine's family, Matt and Rose, and Sarah knew.

Dan had meant to come home two weeks ago, but had gotten caught up, so today he is flying over, along with Emma, for a few days. Tom and I requested to tell them all together, meaning that he will be coming home as well as Rupert.

We had been looking for an apartment in New York ever since my first doctor appointment. I did not want my baby to be born in New York, but I still wanted to move there; so in compromise we are going to move over there as soon as possible and I am going to fly back before my third tri mister in which you can't fly. Then after a while we will move back to New York. I liked the idea very much, except for the fact of flying with the baby...that frightened me a bit. Though the plan was nice, we hadn't found a place yet...and we haven't broke the news to Dan.

I had begun to form a small baby bump, but it was easy to hide. I just couldn't wear any of my tight shirts. If I was staying in the house for the day I usually just wore Tom's clothes.

Like today for instance, I wasn't going to put effort into my attire until I heard from any of them. I sat on the couch, reading, while casually petting Timber's fur, listening to some music, and having a nice time until someone knocked...on the back door.

Timber's head shot up and I gave him a confused look. I placed the book on the coffee table and sat up walking towards the back door, Timber following behind me.

I sneakily looked out the window beside the back door, when I noticed two deep auburn heads. I gasped and opened the back door. "James! Oliver!" I shouted in surprise as the twins smiled down at me.

They chuckled and pulled me into a hug. I slapped their arms when we pulled back, and opened the door wider to let them in the dimly lit house. "What are you two doing here?"

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