Ch 1- Maddy and Dom

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Hey readers! I have never written a full story before, but tend to occasionally come up with beginnings of a few. I will post some of them here. PLEASE comment if you like one in particular and i may continue that one.

ALSO---- plot ideas are welcome!!!! what do you think will happen? what plot twists would interest you? I also welcome constructive critism.

here y'all go

There is no title for this yet so this is Maddy and Dom


“That man has a knife!”

Maddy was at the market when she heard the shout, immediately jumping to the carriage window to see the uproar. People were backing away from two men, one with a knife and one wounded. His broad shoulders had curled into the wound, all energy seeming to leave him as pain brought him to his knees. His back was to her, and she saw him drop to the ground.

            “Stop the carriage!” she cried. She jumped out once the lumber some thing jolted to a stop, not waiting for the driver to open her door. Maddy ran into the crowd where she last saw the man fall. His eyes were barely open as he struggled to stay conscious, and he was curled in around his stomach. His breathing was shallow.

            “Help me carry him.” She said to a trailing servant. Gordon had always supported her in her decisions, but this seemed a little much. “Please.” She whispered, pleading. He hesitated but then bent with a groan to pick up the fallen man.

            “Good luck explaining this to your aunt,” he grunted. The thief was heavy.

            “She will understand.” Maddy replied, with more confidence than she felt. She followed on his heels back to the carriage, her forehead in a most unladylike wrinkle.

            Once the wounded man was settled in the carriage, they took off once again to the manor, after sending another servant for a doctor. Without supplies, all Maddy could do was try to stop the bleeding. He was unconscious, his face drawn and white, but she could see how handsome he was. His eyes were under thick brows, and his face was broad and worn. He had laugh lines around his eyes and mouth. If standing he would probably be slightly above Maddy, who was average height but fine boned.

            Maddy felt strange sitting near an unconscious man. Even though the fact that he was insensible was slightly chilling in itself, her aunt always kept her away from being alone with a man, or going into a drawing room with a man in it, or eating dinner with an unmarried man… just unmarried men in general it seemed. Just thinking about her aunt made her ruminate about how she would react to the topic of the wounded man in her carriage- from the streets, no less. Maddy could only hope that she would believe in Christianity’s compassion towards those in need.

Chapter 1

            Dominic Blunke opened his eyes to an unfamiliar room. A rush of adrenaline went through him as he fought with the fact that he couldn’t remember who brought him there.

            The room in question was an off white color of a church infirmary. What windows that existed were small and let in little light, illuminating the two rows of cots, each against the wall. Between the cots were little night stands, which most likely held medical tools.

            With his eyes darting around the room he carefully sat up to avoid inflaming his injury and reached for his knife hidden in his clothes. He cursed as his fingers met skin and loose clothing. NEW loose clothing- they must have changed him out of his old ones. No doubt they were splattered in his blood.

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