Chapter 21

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Buzzers and farting bags obviously wouldn't do

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Buzzers and farting bags obviously wouldn't do. I needed something less common.

Make her inhale helium when she was supposed to speak in front of a crowd?


Been there, done that.

And she'd enjoyed it; she'd laughed her butt off when she'd heard her voice. Apparently, her laugh had been something else she'd found amusing because she'd kept laughing, and laughing, and laughing... To the point where tears had been coming out of her eyes and she wasn't able to catch her breath so we'd panicked that she might choke.

But, no. Vallery had managed to recover from that and had even asked me to give her more helium so she could hear her squeaky voice again.

So helium pranks were out of the way.


A bucket full of glue and glitter, raised by a helium balloon that I'd burst with a dart when Val walked underneath?

Nah, too complicated!

And too expensive. I would need a lot of helium.

It had to be genius in its simplicity and relatively inexpensive.

But what?

What could I do to Vallery?

Throw a bucket full of water at her?

Have her panting from the cold, her skin rosy, her t-shirk clinging to her fit body... A white t-shirt that you can see through once wet... A lacy pink bra underneath... Or no bra at all; just two well-formed mounds of flesh each with a perky nipple...

I groaned and pinched my arm hard, two thin lines of blood emerging where my nails had dug into my skin.

Why did my childhood friend have to grow up to be so hot?

"Childhood friend," I muttered to myself. "Don't you ever forget that."

And pranks.

It was time to forget about wet t-shirts and go back to planning my perfect revenge... Preferably with no water involved.

But what could I do?

My mind was drawing a blank.

I needed an inspiration. I also needed some information on Val.


No, he was busy with Hunter.

I had to find the info somewhere else.

But if I can't use her brother... My gaze went to my door. What about mine?

Standing up from my bed, I headed towards Liam's bedroom.

Sure, he was an idiot, but that could work to my advantage. Vallery wouldn't have her guard up around him and she might let something slip, maybe something small, but nevertheless something that could spark the fires of revenge.

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