Chapter 22

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[I fear you leaving me more than the darkness.]


Dedicated to: Valiant_saff
You're so amazing that it makes me cry. You're there for me when no one is. I truly love you, Safi. Thanks for the undying support and love.


The young boy sniffed as he entered his home. He was instantly greeted by the smiling face of his hyung.

Jin rushed towards the maknae and asked, "Are you okay? It started raining so suddenly."

Jin continues rambling, "Now, Jimin can't even move his cartons over here. I think we should drive over there to get him."

Jin noticed that the boy wasn't speaking and frowned, "What's wro-" But then paused and changed the sentence, "Oh! Is it  because you're wet? I'll get you a towel."

"Hyung..." Jungkook cried, and Jin's eyes widened in shock.

"Jungkook! Are you crying? What's wrong, sweetheart?" Jin wrapped his arms around the maknae.

"I-Is it true that Jimin is going to m-move?" Jungkook asked, wiping away the soft tears. Jin started breathing heavily and bit his lip at the thought of parting away from his friends.

Jin silently nodded, "...Yes."

Silence took over the two friends; the youngest and the oldest. It was a hard moment for them; a life-changing one. Both wanted for their other friends (Jimin and Namjoon) to stay with them but the circumstances didn't allow to do so.

As if Life seemed to be having fun, playing with their world. Losing a loved one didn't seem to be much of a pain unless it happens to someone. Thoughts seem so powerless and yet how those thoughts turn into reality, it shows how scary Life can be.

How Life seemed to love seeing people fall and cry, beg and weep, become weak and lifeless.

And that's exactly what seemed to be happening to these two: Jungkook and Jin were both so afraid to lose their friends, they both fear it so bad that they could beg and weep until even tears give upon them. Until they become lifeless like every person who lives in the dark.

"Ar-are you guys okay?" Taehyung came and noticed the dark atmosphere that surrounded the sad friends.

Jin cleared his throat, blinking back his tears; he said, "I'll take the car to Jimin's and move the cartons."

Taehyung nodded, "Do you want help?"

"No, thanks. You can go sleep in Yoongi's room again but don't be too loud, okay?" Jin teased.

Taehyung blushed, "We're not even going out yet."

"Yet?" Jin smirked, and Taehyung showed his tongue out to the oldest and ran away to his room.

"Jungkook, go take a shower or you'll catch a cold." Jin said to the dripping wet maknae.

Jin let a sob escape his mouth as soon as he was outside the house, tears seemed to like sliding down his cheeks and slipped instantly.

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