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Hey, guys! I just made a new Facebook account to be more in touch with my readers since most of them have it. It's a faster way to reach me other than Wattpad because here is just flooded with messages. I get to them, but not always right away. I think it's important for us to be able to connect, that way you can ask all the questions you want.  I can give out tips. I noticed a lot of messages on here where people are in need of help with their novel but I answer days later because I don't them see it in time. And then sometimes the messages on Wattpad even disappear because there's a message limit. I have had that happened when I injured my hands really bad. I lost so many. But I'm trying to keep up with them.

So, if  you want here's my facebook just for my readers: Jakayla Toney (Wattpad Author)

You do not have to add me. This is just if you want to reach me faster:)  You can comment your Facebook if you want and I'll add it. Also, if you just want to add me to talk I really don't mind that either because I love getting to know all of you. I already got that chance with a ton of readers and we learned things from each other. I wouldn't mind new friends either XD I don't have many who are interested in writing like me.

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