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The Inn's disaster

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A/N: halo thanks for the votes guys I love y'all. Anyways enjoy I don't own Naruto or any characters in Naruto.

(A few weeks later)

"Yo Y/N want to come out drinking with me and Temari?" Tenten asked you as you sat on the couch petting the pink little bunny that you and Tenten decided to keep. "Wait..." You told Tenten taking your phone out your pocket. "What is it girl Timmy has fallen down a wall!" Tenten smirked and you showed the pictures you had taken when she had that huge headache she had. "Ok have fun bitch!" You waved pushing Tenten out the door knowing how mad she probably was.

Yo sat on the couch petting the bunny. You where about to fall asleep before you heard a soft knock at the door. Opening your eyes all the way you went to answer the door. Answering the door you saw your friend Hinata. "Oh hay what's up." You smiled at her still holding Bunny in your arms. "N-n-nothing m-much." Hinata said in her shy personality as normal. "S-so me and t-the g-g-girls are g-g-going t-to an Inn w-want to c-c-come?" Hinata asked you. "Sure." You smiled at her. "Just one second please." You said.

You came back with a Hello Kitty backpack. "Ok let's go." You smiled. "What are you 5?" Ino asked you. "I like Hello Kitty go jump in a volcano if you want to say something." You huffed as y'all got in Sakura's pink and black car. "Nice ride." You giggled. "Thanks my dad gave it to me." Sakura smirked.


You got to a beautiful Inn. "Is this your dad's?" You asked Ino. "Yup he rented it out just for us." Ino jumped happily as y'all rushed out the car.

You,Hinata,Sakura and Ino came inside the Inn seeing Itachi,Sasuke, Kiba,Shikamaru,Pein,Deidara, Naruto and Sasori. You giggled blushing seeing all the boys. "Whoa." Sakura chimed. Tenten and Temari came in. "Sorry where late." Temari yawned. "Come on we have to party don't be a butt." Ino winked.

After about an hour everyone was all turn up. You where chillen at the front desk with Sasuke. "Surprised your not out there dancing with Ino." Sasuke chuckled as Naruto started riding on the cart your suppose to put suit cases on. "TURN UP!!" Kiba yelled jumping on the cart with Naruto. "Am surprised your not with Kiba and Naruto." You giggled at the two boys. "You know am not that hyper." Sasuke pushed you playfully.

Just when you where about to go over to Ino,Sakura,Hinata,Tenten and Temari the light went out,everyone screamed and you blacked out.

A/N: that's it oh and
Pein is 16 turning on 17
Sasori is 16
Deidara is 15 turning on 16
Itachi is 16 turning on 17
You are 14 turning on 15 &
Sasuke is 16

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