Into You ~ Part 12 {Jackson FF}

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"Different people awaken different beast in you."

Summary: Jackson the guy who's known to get around is not the type to stick to relationships. But will happen when he falls for one specific girl? Read to find out what happens.



"One last ride before we leave?" Jackson suggests and you looked at him.

"What ride?" you asked looking around. He grabs your hand and leads you to the Ferris wheel. Luckily there wasn't a line. You two got on the Ferris wheel in no time and you began to look at the beautiful view right in front of you.

The carnival looked beautiful at night especially when there were neon lights in all sort of directions. You went around at least 2 times till the third time seemed to stop at the top since more people were getting on. You felt nervous for some odd reason. Not because of how high the two of you were but because you were completely alone with Jackson...

Jackson looked at you and you looked at him.

"Y/N... I need to tell you something," Jackson says causing your heart to beat out of your chest.

What could it possibly be...


"What is it?" you asked nervously and he looked at you straight in the eyes causing your heart to melt. Ah why does he have this affect on you!

"I know it's going to sound weird coming from me... but.." He stopped talking and took a deep breath.

"I really like you Y/N.." Jackson confesses causing your eyes to widen and your mouth to drop.

"What?" was the only words that managed to escape your mouth and Jackson awkwardly begins to scratch the back of his neck.

"I like you Y/N... And I know I'm terrible at showing how I truly feel towards you but I've been trying so hard. You make me want to be around you all the time... You make me want to be good, good for you." Jackson says and you felt your heart racing. Was this a game? Was this a prank?

You wish you could say the same; however it's not like you could make Jackson change. Yes you like Jackson so much you would accept his confession but... Jackson is Jackson... Jackson is still the same Jackson you met from the beginning. He's the guy who sleeps with girl after girl... He was the guy who couldn't commit to any relationships. He didn't believe in such a term. When was the last time Jackson was ever in a relationship? What if you did accept Jackson's confession and you gave him a chance? Would he hurt you? Would he cheat behind your back?

You would of accepted Jackson if you'd were to see at least some changes happen but yesterday he prefer hanging out with someone else besides you and it was probably a girl... A girl he must have hooked up with... It was probably that girl he had his arm around... earlier.. And now here he is saying he suddenly likes you..

"Jackson..." was all you could say and he looked at you making you feel guilty for the choice you were about to make...

"How do I know you really mean all of this? You have lied in the past. You can tell me one thing but say and do another..." You said as you watched him look down. You didn't want to get hurt... You weren't ready to get your heart broken in two.

"Jackson I would be lying if I tell you I didn't like you. I mean I do but you treat all women as a game. You use them and leave them, how do I know i'll be different?" You asked Jackson and he began to look out in the view without making eye contact with you.

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