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As my sister would say... LETS GO BIHHH 😂😩


It was Saturday and tonight was the night that I was going to ask Aaliyah to be mines. I sprayed on some cologne and took a look in the mirror

 I sprayed on some cologne and took a look in the mirror

"Time to go get my girl." I smirked,grabbing my car keys and going to my car. Before I could pull off my phone started ringing

"Sup Luke?" I asked leaning back in my seat a little

"Nothing about to take LaLa out." He said

"Oh word? Ya'll a couple?" I asked smirking because I already knew what he was about to say

"Hell no!" He yelled

I started laughing my ass off, he hates when people ask that.

"Then why?" I asked

"Shit I don't know she keep bugging me, what you about to get into?" He asked

"About to take Liyah out, I plan on making her mines." I smiled

"Oh. well I gotta go get LaLa." He said

"Ight One." I said hanging up


"Bitch, I'm nervous." I sighed into the phone as I sat on my bed

"Girl it'll be ok, you know he not a hoe or anything. He's a gentleman, a good guy, a-" I cut Keke off

"Ok." I laughed "I understand." I smirked

"Well then you should be ok." She began when I heard someone yell her name

"Huh!?" She yelled "Ok! Girl I got to go my brother just burnt the pizza." She hung up

I chuckled and went to look in the mirror

I chuckled and went to look in the mirror.

"This should do, even though I don't know where he's taking me." I turned my body in the mirror when I heard my phone ring, I quickly ran to answer it.

"Heey Keith." I smiled

"Sup beautiful? I'm outside."

"Ok." I said hanging up the phone
I ran to my closet and grabbed a light jacket and my purse.

I opened my front door and he was standing on the passenger side, leaning on it. I smiled as I walked up to him and gave him a hug.

"You smell good." I said not wanting to let him go

"You smell better Li." He smiled as we pulled away. I moved to the side as he opened my door for me and helped me in.

"Thanks." I smiled

He winked at me as he got into the drivers side.

-Skipping the car ride shawty.-

I looked out the window to see that we were at a carnival. I looked over at Keith and he smiled.

"I wanted to take you somewhere fun, not no basic ass restaurant." He said smiling harder than before

"Thanks." I blushed

We got out the car and we got on the ferris wheel & 3 others rides before I got hungry

"Oh Keith they got nachos." I said dragging him the the food area

"Aye, they got funnel cakes." He said rubbing his hands together like birdman. I laughed obnoxiously as he smirked. It was our turn to order when someone came up and tapped Keith.

"Oh shit wassup Luke?" He said dapping him up

"Sup man?" Luke said dapping him back. Luke spoke to me and I just waved, because my attention was now on LaLa.

"Hey, Aaliyah." She forced a smile

I rolled my eyes and turned my attention back to the man at the food cart.

Keith and Luke continued to talk, while our food was being prepared

"This carnival bussing." Luke said looking at other females

"Hey boy eyes over here." Lala said smirking

Luke just shruged her off and finished talking to Keith


"How long ya'll been here?" He asked

"About 30 minutes." I said looking over at Aaliyah who was grabbing her food from the man.

"Keith can you grab this?" She asked handing him the funnel cake, he grabbed it from her & looked over at me.

"Aye man we about to go eat, catch ya'll later." He said as him and Liyah walked away. I started staring at Aaliyah's ass. When I heard LaLa smack her lips

"Nigga!" She exclaimed mugging me


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