Chapter Nine

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Saturday brought in some colder air, but it didn't throw the paparazzi off their game in the slightest. When Meredith when to pick up Tabitha at her room, she got to see outside, where the paparazzi waited patiently, having their cameras at the ready. If it wasn't for a few books she wanted, Meredith wouldn't leave the building.

Going out to her car, Meredith only looked back once. The paparazzi hadn't moved from the spot, not realizing that Meredith had slipped out of the back of the building and walked in the parking lot. Getting into her car, she kept her hood pulled up from the strong gusts of wind that threatened to topple her over.

Crossing over a bridge, Meredith entered Duluth, Minnesota, and already she felt more at home. Sometimes it felt like Wisconsin was an alien state. Upon entering Minnesota, she just felt safer. The drive up to the mall was a steep hill, and Meredith always looked back, thinking they were being followed. They weren't.

Tabitha stood guard as Meredith perused the books of Barnes and Nobel, looking for some new books. In her free time, Meredith didn't exactly go out a lot, even more now that paparazzi followed her. After finding some acceptable books, Meredith and Tabitha slowly walked out of the store and into the larger mall, yet no one followed them.

"While since we're here and I'm still free," Meredith grabbed Tabitha and pulled her away, "we're going to Victoria's Secret."

Neither of the girls preferred to the store, but what Meredith wanted, she couldn't get at JC Penny's. Tabitha immediately looked ready to vomit, but her friend told her to go try on some bras for the hell of it. Meredith looked around slowly, unsure how this went about. What she liked, perhaps Harry didn't like.

Throughout the whole time Harry and Meredith had seen each other in Scotland, Meredith had no nice bras and panties. She just showed up to him with a black bra and some cotton underwear. Though Harry and her wouldn't see each other for another two months, Meredith wanted to find something she felt comfortable with.

Meredith called Tabitha over. "What about this?" She held up a pair of matching bra and panties.

"Try it on," Tabitha suggested.

Going into a fitting room at Victoria's Secret, it was the first time she was in the pink mush. Different shades with some black swallowed her whole. The brightly lit mirror in front of her turned her skin very pale. Meredith undressed and pulled the bra and panties on. It was tight, but that was the point. Everything was pushed up where it needed to be, and it fitted her well.

"Tabitha," Meredith called, sticking her head outside the door. She looked both ways, and no one was there. "Look."

Tabitha came over.

Meredith swung the door open wide for her friend to get a look. "Do you think he'll like it?"

"Excellent." Tabitha looked at her friend confusingly. "I didn't realize you had such big boobs."

"I don't. The bra does it because I need some help."

"I wouldn't know," Tabitha winked. "Get it if you want, but I think he'll like you either way."

"Well, I have a few more to try on, and I think I might get a few."


"I don't want him to get bored."

"He spent how much time with you? I don't think he's going to get bored."

Meredith blushed. "How do you know?"

"I haven't gotten bored of you yet."

"Thanks, Tabitha."

"Meredith, remember, it doesn't matter what he thinks. It's whatever you feel comfortable and beautiful and stunning in. Because if he doesn't like you for your normal self, then there's no point."

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