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Meeting the Main characters :
( Amanda Seyfried as the voice of Juvia
Ian Somerhalder as the voice of Natsu
Misha Collins as the voice of Lyon
Jensen Ackles as the voice of Gray
Ashley Benson as the voice of Lucy
Kristen Stwewart as the voice of Erza
Kirsten Dunts as the voice of MiraJane
Selena Gomez as the host making the interview and interviewing the guests
Guest star Andrew Garfield as Jack)

Selena : "Tell me about the character you dislike most . "

*author sighs internally and thinks 'I love Ashely but I just hate the character of Lucy she's secretly a slutty bitch no offense to those who like her but I don't . I hate her ' *
"It would have to be Lucy . " 

Selena : "Mind giving us one of the many reasons why? "

Author: "She's too much of a slut . She thinks that with her celestial keys she can do anything but in reality without the keys she's as worthless as a rotten corpse . For me she has no meaning really . No offense to anyone who likes her . But I'm being honest and using my rights of freedom of speach . "

Juvia: "Hi I'm Juvia lockser and I play the curious and surprising protagonist of 'The Vampire's Mate'  . "

Natsu : "Sup guys I play the mysterious vampiric Natsu and we're here on the set of the series which is incredible and we just wanted to let you guys have a peek of what it's like here . "

Lyon : Sup guys I'm the sexy hybrid and this it's what it's like all the time we're  here , on the set just you know practiscing the lines . It's kinda tricky cuz Juvia gets tongue tied ...alot . *He does a weird scared face *

The camera zooms in on Natsu and Juvia acting . Juvia moves closer to him and Natsu pulls her by her waist so there's no space between them .

Scene Jump : Comparing the characters with themselves :

Lyon and Juvia are sitting down on the chairs .

Juvia : "Juvia is the most awkward person you can meet at the beggining but at the same time she's very fiesty ."  *She makes a hand motion and focuses on it * "In the beggining of the first scene she's like nervous but with time and as the chapters run by you can see that she's a strong female character and that she really cares for her friends . Unlike me I'm awkward and get embarrassed and tongue tied alot .  "

Lyon nods his head looking at her .

Lyon : "I agree in fact if you look at Lyon well enough you can actually see that they have similarities . Like their awkward behaviour . But with me I'm more a really chill person and I try to always take things the mature and calm way . "

Juvia nods her head yes looking back at him .

Author (Me) : "The first time I knew about Juvia was through a fan made video and well I thought . Wow she's like the perfect character for a strong female woman who is determined and doesn't give up . So then I just started looking around and that's how I met fairytail . The character I disliked from the beggining was Lucy . In my opinion she was slutty since the beggining of the manga . No offense it's my opinion though no one will change it . "

Lyon : "I think that Juvia is great she's a wonderful person from the second you meet her . The chemistry she has with Natsu it's like boom wow . But she also has chemistry with Lyon . But the focus here is to try and open up to the possibility of NaVia . If you look closely there are slight small sparks between them . "

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