Chapter 21

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"J-Jack..." Was all I could stammer out . He was barely recognizable . I mean just look at him back then and look at him now so tall and built . Plus it's been so long . I haven't seen him in so so long . Plus he was alot older than me , but nevermind that ... I missed him .

"Yeah it's me." He said scratching the back of his neck . I smiled a little . He never changed in personality . I suddenly ran up to him and jumped hugging him as tightly as I could . He catched me just in time and returned the hug . "I missed you.." I told him . He nuzzled his face in the crook of my neck ." I missed you too . " He said . I hugged him even tighter . Tears blurred my vision .

Jack had dissapeared the night we were gonna run away . Yes I was 10 and he was 14 . But we were kids . Deeply and madly in love . No one could possibly understand how much I cared for this boy . He was my first love . To be precise I never really moved on . It wasn't an option for me . Somehow I felt like one day he would come back , and look at us now ...he came back...but as a hunter .

I looked at him once he looked up at me . "I really missed you . So so much you have no idea how much it killed me to leave you there . And I'm so sorry for-" I cut him off by doing the unthinkable I kissed him. But it was a shut up and don't ruin the moment kinda kiss . Like the I missed you , you dumbass kiss . Well yeah that .

He surprisingly kissed me back . He put one of his hands in the back of my neck while his other arm was holding me up to prevent me from falling . We both pulled away in the need of air . "I missed your lips too." He told me setting me down , I stood up straight still looking at him . "The feeling is mutual . " I told him .

The thought of Natsu, suddenly clouded my mind . But what the heck . He's probably screwing that blonde bimbo . I look up at my best friend . He's smiling down at me . He kisses my nose . I giggle , he used to that alot . I nuzzle my nose against his and he laughs doing the same.

We hug again and I look up to see Lyon limping silently out the opened door . He gives me a 'shush and distract him' and I just nod and give him a thumbs up . Suddenly Jack looks up at me . "Juvia what's-" I cut him off . "Just shut up and kiss me ." I say pulling him close to me and kiss me half of it was to distract him and the other was that I really wanted to kiss him .

His hands slide down to my waist as I pull  him closer to me . He smiles through the kiss then he pulls away . "Woah ...that was..." he trailed off . "Amazing..." I finished his sentence for him resting my forehead against his . He chuckles kissing my nose . "Juvia I-" he gets cut off by the sound of the front door slamming open and someone a guy to be exact storms in angry . He slams the door shut and stomps off upstairs .

"Ummm...okay...who's that ?" I ask him confused as hell . "That's my friend Josh and he probably had another fight with his girlfriend . They've been having alot of problems lately and she doesn't help either . " He says . " , well Josh needs someone better I guess ..." I say . I really do mean it though . "Yeah that's what I've tried to tell  him . But he's too stubborn to listen . Hmm reminds me of someone I know . " He pokes at my sides saying the last part .

"Hey , I'm not stubborn . " I say trying to defend myself . He chuckles . "Denying it just proves what I just said even more . " I puff my cheeks pouting . He pecks my lips . "Aww don't pout . C'mon let me bandage those wounds and fix you something to eat . You must be starving . " He says suddenly picking me up bridal style and carrying me to the kitchen .

I smile to myself nuzzling my face into the crook of his neck . He kisses my forehead and sits me on the counter and opens one of the cabinet drawers , taking out a first aid kit . He starts to take out some stuff and some gauzes since i had some sliver thorns digging into my skin . He wraps it around but not before applying some weird type of lotion that's supposed to make it heal faster and sting less .

After he finishes he puts everything away and walks over to the fridge and opens it . "So what do you wanna eat ? " He says looking into the fridge . I think for a minute and decide to ask what he has because i don't wanna request something he doesn't have he would feel bad . "Well it depends , watcha got ?" I say . He smiles and looks at me . "Always so proper Lockser . To answer your question , basically everything cept pork . You know how much I hate it . " He says with a disgusted look on his face . I laugh because it's too hilarious not to laugh at .

Meanwhile with Natsu and Gray :

"Where the hell could she be ?!?!" None other than Natsu Dragneel screamed at the top of his lungs searching high and low for the bluenette . Gray sighs while pacing around the room trying to keep the calm in this situation , but Natsu isn't making it any easier . "Natsu calm down , we'll find her . Just please calm down . " He tells him for what seems like the hundreth time already .

"No! I refuse to calm down when I don't even know if she's alive !" Natsu screams at his best friend flipping over a chair and knocking down some of the vases that were around . "NATSU DRAGNEEL!STOP THIS AT ONCE!" A female voice echoes throughout the whole house making everyone in the room flinch in fear . Suddenly Erza comes walking down the stairs furiously stomping .

"I've had enough of this , one more vase you smash and I'm calling uncle Igneel . " She says walking up to him and pointing a finger at his face . He slowly gulped but kept his composture straight . No doubt she was scary when triggered or angry , but he was too . There's a reason they never dated when they were in middle school their tempers were too much for the both of them to bare . Plus besides they were young and were practically raised together .

Gray softly set one of his hands on Erza's shoulder and gently pulled her back . She sighed before sitting down on one of the couches . "We'll find her Natsu , just don't get your temper to the roofs just yet . " Natsu nodded finally calming down for the first time in hours.

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