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WHY! The present rampage of the national daily newspapers and the minutes updates on the International broadcast e.g BBC, CNN and Co. Leave me In wonders. Seeing the natural disasters In various parts of the world, the ethnic cleansing In Jos, Nigeria, the genocide In Asia and the Far East of the world, and various rumours In several parts of the world. Though my BIBLE beforehand give me an Insight Into these, so I am not surprise at all. A mother will feel this pain more than any other fellow because they know what It takes and the pains to give birth to a PIKIN!

Why do we keep strangling lives? Why do we need retarliation because we felt cheated. Remember this, We are all born naked and nobody will go back to the dust with NAIRA or POUNDS. Let live our precious lives as though there is no tomorrow.

If the blood of one man called Abel could cry for vengeance against his brother, Cain, how much more the blood of severals who are massacre In one night?

Let the fear of God come upon you. Human beings are not animals or chickens we roast on xmas.

It cost the blood of the Only begotten of the Heavenly Father to redeem a Soul. Let values Life cos Its a gift to human nature.

O Dear Heavenly Father, I Pray You Open Our Eyes. I Pray That You Will Kindle The Fire Of Evangelism In The Spirit Of Your People All Over The Nation, Such That With A Sense Of Urgency The Gospel Of Jesus Christ Might Be Preached, Resulting In The Glorious Transformation Of Many Lives,

In Jesus Name. Amen

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