Introduction: Arim

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It is said that childhood memories are the deepest, especially the ones we choose to hold close to our heart.

One such memory for Arim Singh Bharadwaj is Maira Singhal.

His seventeen-year-old self was still stuck at the mere moment when he happens to saw a pretty little girl of somewhat 6 years of age. He was 8 then. A phase where the feeling of love is probably foreign. Yet, he felt something for her.

A little attraction may be, which turned to be a crush over the passing years, as she remained in his memories.

It was an inter-school quiz competition when he caught a glimpse of her, playing the guitar like a pro. When she was announced as the winner, her name registered on his mind. He was so fascinated by her and her skills that he requested a guitar from his parents and took lessons to learn it.

Till today, after years, he whispers her name while playing guitar and smiles when her almost faded face flashes in the curtains of his eyes.

"I hope I meet you someday" he whispered hugging his guitar as he leaned back on the couch at the balcony, looking up at the sky, breathing the soothing air of the mid night.


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