Chapter 5

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Scott POV

    When Stiles , Newt, and Minho lefted, everyone was quite and had sad faces on.
"We shouldn't have asked them what happened." Lydia said.
"Ya, I agree." Replied Kira.
"That was really sad. It most have had an hard impact on them to make them want to leave." Said Malia.
I just nodded and stared at the floor.

Thomas POV

  When we got home, Minho wanted to stay the night so I got him some blankets and a pillow for him to sleep on the couch. Newt was tired so he just went to sleep after we ate.

"Thanks for letting me sleep over." Minho said.
"Dude, you don't even have to ask to sleepover." I replied.
"I know." He said with a laugh, "I just wanted to know how to feel to ask for something. "
"Ya, I had a feeling." I said. I turned off the lights , said goodnight and went to bed.

The next morning, we all went to go on a run like we always do when we wake up. We stop at a old bridge in the woods.
"I wander what the shunk face happened here?" Asked Minho.
The bridge had broken fences and I guess blood stains on it also?
"Me too, whatever happened here was not a pretty sight."


  Today is the day that I am going to WCKED to turn in my assignment from 5 months ago. My assignment was keep an eye on Scotts pack. As I'm walking down the hall, people are running around crazy.
"Good, your here. I have another assignment for you. " Said Ava.
"What is going here?" I asked.
"That is what I'm about to tell you. Three teenagers has been taken and I need you to go to Beacon Hills to bring them back. Do you understand?"
"Wait, isn't the McCall Pack there?"
"Yes, do you understand?" She said getting a little annoyed.
"Yes ma'am. " I said and left the building to find the three kids that was taken.

When I got there, I got a text from Ava.
"Their names are Thomas , Newt and Minho. Remember to BRING them BACK ASAP!!! Don't let anyone get in your way!!!"

I went to Beacon Hills High school to sign me up so I could find these kids.

I know what you are thinking,  why am I working with WCKED? Well , Ava is my aunt. And I help run the program.  There WAS a virus going around in California , but they found a cure. I started to like taking kids and supernatural species,  so did my aunt. We then started to call the program WCKED. So I guess you can say that this was all my fault, so your welcome.

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