Chapter 7 - Time Doesn't Change a Thing

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Chapter 7

"Time doesn't change a thing..."


All of our heads turned to Kimberly.

"Do we just walk in?" She asked without taking her eyes off the house. "Because I can't feel anyone in there."

"And neither can I." Bonnie added. "But I'll cover us just in case."

"Shall we?" Cameron gestured for us to walk in.

I rolled my eyes at him and went ahead. The large double doors creaked open as I pushed it. It reminded me of a grand hall along with the large grand staircase. This house must be at least four floors. From the outside it looked smaller...

Someone's hand slid over my shoulder. "Can you feel it?"

I rolled my eyes and took his hand off my shoulder. "Yes. I also felt your hand on my shoulder. Next time, I break it."

Cameron chuckled. "Alright, okay. But this is the strongest it's ever been."

"I know. But.. Where is it? I can't pin point it."

"Best bet is to split."

I nodded. "Bonnie stays with me."

Cam nodded. "Then I go with Jack and Kim. I'm sure I can contact you somehow if we find it."

"Same to you."

Cam, Jackson and Kimberly went to the right while I led Bonnie upstairs. I sighed when I saw the gajillion doors in the one hall. This was going to take ages.

"Is the door on this floor?" Bonnie sighed as well.

"I don't know. I... I don't feel any change?"

"Then it's not this floor. Let's not waste time." She said as she grabbed my hand and went to pull but I stopped her. "What?"

My eyes narrowed. "Something's weird."

"Like what?"

"This whole house. It's just weird. Like why would there just be a house in the middle of a salt desert?"

Bonnie sighed again. "Give me a second."

She shut her eyes. As she scanned the house I strolled down the hall. I carefully opened one of the doors and glanced in. The room was empty. There was nothing in it. Literally empty. The walls were white, the granite floors were white and there were no windows.

I stared into the room for another few seconds before shutting the door. Odd.

Bonnie caught up to me after I looked into another door with the same interior. "I don't feel anything. What's the verdict?"

"We go past every floor until I feel closer to it. Deal?"


We walked through two different aisles and another floor before Bonnie was getting restless. "I'm getting even more pissed with this, Lon."

"Nothing has changed. I don't feel any closer to this door."

"Oh, come on don't you think Cam has found the damned door."

"No, I'd know if he did." I mumbled as we walked up the stairs to the third floor.

"Uh, I'm getting so-"

"Bon, stop complaining, we'll find it."

As we stepped through the hall, a weird feeling passed over me. Even Bonnie stopped. My stomach rolled three times and I looked to Bon for her reaction. "Are you okay?"

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