Chapter 5

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Your Pov

Finally the last bell rang and everyone hurried up and packed there bags.As always I was the last one to pack my bag as I saw everyone leaving.I got up and headed towards the door until I heard a male voice calling my name.

"Yeah?"I asked and turned around.In front of me there was a boy ,slightly taller than me,with red hair and cyan eye color.

"Oh um what's your name?"I asked kindly.It was always nice to have more than one friend.And at the first day at school I have four.

"Oh right I h-haven't introduced myself.My n-name is Nathaniel."He said.
"Ok Nathaniel.What did you want to tell me?"I asked trying to be sweet with him.

"Oh ehhhh because your new here, I thought that you haven't got a lot of friends so I was wondering-"I cut him of.

"Of course I would like to be your friend"I smiled.He blushed by what it looked like my excitement.

 "So what do you like to do in your free time"We started a conversation heading towards the park to hang out.

Adrien Pov

I didn't know why but I thought that I had fell for Y/N.She is sweet ,kind ,gentle ,funny, caring, beautiful. I may have feelings for her.But I didn't really want to try and win her heart as Adrien.Nononono.Adrien isn't my true self.Chat Noir is.So I would try and win her over with my charms and clawsome puns.But I would still hang out with her as Adrien.

So I wanted to hang out with her and get an ice-cream.But when I turned my head towards Y/N direction my blood started bowling.That tomato boy was trying to ask her out with his shyness.

And I couldn't believe it.Y/N bought it and they both headed to the park.I was so pissed that I couldn't control my jealousy.

I hid behind a tree and Plagg popped out."Kid why are you so mad.Did Dark Cupid come back and hit you"Plagg joked and laughed at his own joke.

"No I'm not jealous I just want to protect her from that tomato.You know that he could make a move"I said and Plagg burst even more into laughter."What a move to get your precious girlfriend"Plagg said and I growned.

I sighed and tried to calm myself."Ok let's just transform.Plagg 'Claws out'"I said and transformed.My destination.The park.

Your Pov

"Really?!?!?I love drawing too"I told him and he lit up.

"R-really?!?!Could I see your sketches?"He asked sweetly.I blushed and was a little embarrassed.He was an artist while I was just sketching there and then just for fun.

"I never really show my sketches to anyone.There not good"I told him and he frowned while I hung my head down blushing even more.

"C-come on.They can't be that bad.I know.What if I show you my sketches two then we will both see each others.There's nothing wrong with that.We are friends right?"He asked and I said a weak "Y-yes"

I took my sketchbook out and he did the same.We swapped and once I opened his my eyes shined."These are incredible Nathaniel"I told him and he smiled.

He turned the pages from my sketchbook,one by one and examined each one carefully.His smile got wider and his face turned into a different one.I couldn't describe it.

"Y/N these are amazing though why don't you continue them.Some of them aren't finished."He said.

"W-well it is difficult for me to draw the hands.I just can't do it"I told him frustrated.He laughed and took out his pencil.He pulled me slightly closer to him and placed on his lap his sketchbook.

I blushed at how close we were while he seemed calm.He took my hand and he started explaining to me how to draw a hand.We had fun but it got kinda late and we both got up."Well that was fun"I told him and he blushed.

"Y-yeah could we hang out again?"He questioned me.I smiled"Of course and you can teach me more about sketching"I told him.We said our goodbyes and we parted both of us heading our own ways.

Though did I know that a certain cat was following me and glaring holes behind my back?

Adrien/Chat Noir Pov

After their little 'hang out' I started following Y/N,jumping from roof top to roof top.I needed to know what she felt about Nathaniel.I couldn't let her fall for him.

She's ten times better than him.She shouldn't fall for the tomato head.I landed behind a lamp post and started walking behind her.She didn't notice me so she continued to walk and I wrapped my arms, from behind her and hugged her waist.

She gasped and I put my head on top of her head.I could feel her heart beat going crazy until she looked down and calmed down.

"Chat what are you doing here?"Y/N asked me.I turned her around and she faced my face."How did you know it was me?"I asked her kind of surprised.

"Well first of all you answered at your name"She said and I felt stupid."And second of all your tale is rapped around my left thigh"She told me pointing at her leg.I blushed and pulled my tail away from her.

"S-sorry about that.I don't control my tail.It moves by my feelings"I told her.Once I realized what I had just said I blushed even more and tried to cover my face.

"Oh really.And what does that have to do with your tail around me?Are you feeling something towards me?"She asked but I didn't answer.

The only thing I could think of was to just run away.So that was what I did.But before I left I kissed her cheek.I ran of and jumped on the roof top which was next to her.

She just blushed and felt her cheek.She smiled and started walking back home in the lonely night.Before she left her spot she said the words which kept me up all night.

"You dumb cat"

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