Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

Sarah went to her room in the big manor in which she lives by herself. She doesn't know where she put her black vest for work. She did not feel like standing up since her legs felt as if they could collapse at any moment. "You know what?" she said exhausted. "I will just go. I'm so tired..."

It was six in the morning and she didn't want to go to work but she knew she had to. Work was mandatory, her only passion. She could not miss a day because of how sick and tired she was. Her work mattered more than her life because without it, she would be nothing. She wouldn't be able to support herself or any of her valuable items.

Suddenly, she heard a crashing sound. Startled, she rushed down to the main floor. She was about to go outside but something tripped her and she stumbled to the basement door. She looked at the door and its coarse surface for a moment, scrutinizing every possible detail. She felt that she needed to go down to the basement and so, she did. When she reached down, she instantly started coughing. "How terrible!" she complained in her sweet, heavenly voice. She saw a big red door from the corner of her eye.  "That's strange," she said as she walked closer to it. "I don't remember this door."

She touched the door and she screamed in pain. It was as if someone had electrocuted her palm and ripped off the skin. When she looked at her hand, her entire palm and fingers were bleeding heavily. With her eyes widened in terror, she screamed again with terror as she started running to the exit. She heard another crash and the lights flickered on and off. Terrified as she was, she banged against the wall. The ground seemed to be shaking and pulling her away with a strange, gravitational force. But she was determined to live. She knew this had to be a mere hallucination and after leaving, everything would be back to normal. She heard more crashing on the floor, which probably were her items that were on the tables. Since the floor was tiles, the effect of the sound was double. The lights suddenly switched off and she repeatedly banged on the door with her bloody hand until she had fallen unconscious.


When she opened her eyes, she was outside lying in the grass beside a tree. She tried to remember how she got there. She looked around and set her gaze on the green grass. It shouldn't be so green since she never waters them. Plus, rainfall in her town was scarce. They recieved perhaps five or six rainy days in an year. But they were never close to storms, even.  

And then the memory of the basement hit her.  She shuddered and looked at her hand but it wasn't bleeding. There wasn't even a scratch on her and she felt no pain. With a sigh of relief, indicating the events a mere imagination, she checked the time and it was almost six thirty. "Oh no!" she cried. "I'm going to be very late!" She scrambled up and ran to the car. On the front glass, she found a note. She opened it up and read it:


" This is today's date but five years ago," she said with utter confusion. But then fear took over her. Why would the same date be of five years ago?

"What's happening to me?" she cried in horror. She then understood that all the events that took place in the basement were also true, no matter how much she denied it. She realized that it was also her 21st birthday. She cried even harder.

Suddenly, a strong wind blew at her face. When she touched her cheeks, they were dried clean. The wind dried her tears. Scared, she went to her car, slammed the door, and headed to work.



Hello guys,

This is actually my first post. I know the writing kind of sucks since I did this a few months ago. When I looked back to this story, I was very ashamed of what I wrote before. To be honest, I only posted this because I liked the plot of this story. The chapters are pretty short but once again, this was a short story to begin with and I will update very quickly. The chapters are easy to read and maybe it will be slightly longer. I just want to see if you guys liked it or not, so please tell me how you thought of  it. And yes, my next story will be much longer, with a good plot.

So feel free to vote and comment!

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