Chapter 1

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I do not own the Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Heroes of Olympus, or the Harry Potter series (sadly).

Percy's POV

Percy held Annabeth's hand as the two walked into the Big House at Camp Half-Blood with Jason, Piper, Frank, Hazel, Leo, and Nico. That morning, Chiron had sent an iris message to them while they were hanging out down at the beach. Jason, Frank, and Hazel had come over from Camp Jupiter to visit, now that it was safe to do so, because the demigods had won the Giant War and made a truce between the two camps.

There was only Chiron inside the Big House, "Ah, hello," he said, looking down at him, "come sit down. I have to discuss something with all of you."

They all sat around the ping-pong table, except for Chiron, who couldn't sit because of his horse legs, and Nico who stood in the corner. Percy looked around at everyone, but none of them seemed to know why they where there. He could hear Leo tapping his fingers on the table, then stop and look up, "So... are we going on another quest or something, 'cause my feet hurt from kicking the giants back to Tartarus, but I guess they could go for another round."

"Not exactly a quest, Mr. Valdez. Let me explain something first," he looked a little nervous but continued, "Hecate, is the goddess of magic, as you all know. Well, something that you don't know is that she gave the gift of magic to some mortals, over a thousand years ago. Their population grew, but as it grew however, they forgot about about the one who gave them their powers. Their world and our world became kept apart, and even the gods have a hard time breaking through the 'wall' I guess you could call it. So we were hoping that you demigods could go to one of their schools in... well somewhere in the UK to get a better understanding of them."

They were all stunned and looked at him in disbelief. "What do they call themselves?" Annabeth asked after a few seconds of silence.

"Wizards and witches," Chiron answered, "and the school that you will be attending will be called Hogwarts."

They were all silent again but after a moment the demigods (except Nico who was only smirking) started laughing. It was like calling the camp "Camp Toad-Pimple". Leo almost toppled off his chair and that just made them laugh even more. They finally stopped when Chiron stomped one of his front hooves.

"Now please let me talk. As I was saying, the eight of you will go to a wizarding school. You will be their for the whole school year, so it is not like most quests. You will be a student there and act like wizards and witches, and keep your identity as demigods undercover."

"When will we be leaving?" Percy asked. He was so excited and couldn't wait to leave, but he also knew that he would need a good night's rest.

The centaur looked at the clock, "It's a little after noon right now, so there will not be a lot of time until you leave early in the morning tomorrow."

Percy heard a lot of complaining, some coming from himself. He was definitely not a morning person, and treasured his sleep.

"You will be using shadow travel to get there with the help of Nico and Mrs. O'Leary, if that is okay with you," he looked towards Nico. He nodded from the corner. Chiron continued, "We will meet at the arena at 5:00 am tomorrow."

Percy closed the door to his cabin, got into bed, laid down, and stared up at the ceiling. This was going to be a totally new experience, and he didn't know what to expect. At least he had his friends and Annabeth to go with him. So many thoughts filled up his mind, but he closed his eyes, knowing that he shouldn't be sleepy the next day. It took a while to fall asleep with all those thoughts bouncing around in his head but after what seemed like forever, he passed out.

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