Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: 

The first thought that go through my head in the morning was how warm and comfy I was. That is until something kept tickling my nose.

Annoyed, I scrunch my nose up, and burry myself deeper into the warmth of my pillow. The thing was, pillows don't chuckle like mine just did when I snuggled against it.

Confused, I finally crack my eyes open and I look up. When I look up, Ryder's chiseled face greets my sight.

He looked absolutely hot. His hair was not made, and yet it looked amazing. His chin was graced with a 5 o'clock shadow, and his slightly chapped lips were pulled up into an amused smile, showing of his deep dimples.

Finally, my gaze meets his and I feel as if I'm caught in a trance. His crystal blue eyes pierce through mine, as if he was looking down into my soul. The thing was, I made sure my eyes show no emotion. I perfected that a while ago. The only one who was ever able to see through my disguise was Emma, but she's gone now.

A wave of worry rushes through my body as he becomes concentrated, his eyes studying my face. 

"What are you keeping hidden under that mask Lila?" I faintly hear Ryder murmur, under his breath. I don't think I was meant to hear it, but I did, and I didn't like it,

I immediately push away from him. He can't figure me out, nobody can. I'm a mystery to everyone, even myself.

In my frantic effort to get away from Ryder, I end up rolling of the bed, and crashing to the ground with a loud BANG.

"Lila!" Ryder exclaims, jumping down beside me to check if I was okay. I just hold a hand up, signaling to him not to come closer.

Ryder's expression turns to a confused one as he stops in his effort of helping me up.

"I-I should probably get going." I croak out, glancing at the time on his bedside table. It was already noon, so we had missed school yet again.

"Why? Its okay Lila you can stay. Amy and I want you here, we have had a great time." Ryder says, trying to approach me once again.

I shake my head frantically while shoving myself up so I can stand. A wave of dizziness flows through me from getting up to quickly. It also didn't help from the lack of food I was eating.

I grip onto the wall behind me, using all my strength to keep myself upright, while closing my eyes, trying to rid the dizziness from my head.

"Lila? Are you alright? You look really pale." Ryder says, causing my eyes to shoot open. Ryder was looking at me with a worried expression. His body looked tense, like he was waiting to see if I'd fall, which I bet it looked like I was about to.

"Yes." I reply shortly after. Ryder still had an unsure look on his face, but he just nodded his head in reply and began backing away.

Grateful, I decide it was my chance to leave. I quickly make my way to the bedroom door on shaky legs. Snatching my still dirty jeans from a chair next to the door I slip it on and make my way out, not caring about how bad my hair must have looked.

I could hear the heavy footsteps of Ryder behind me. Hearing that, only served as encouragement to walk faster away.

When I had made it down the stairs, Amy walks in, confusion flooding her face as she looks at me and Ryder.

"What's wrong? What's going on?" Amy asks, looking between Ryder and me.

I open my mouth to reply, but I'm cut off by Ryder saying, "She's leaving."

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