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The Babysitter and other scary stories (The Watty Awards 2012)

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A lot of people have been asking if there is another chapter, I am sorry but it was meant to be a short story :( I however; am planning a sequel but let me know if you guys want one. If enough people want it I will write one :D Thanks for reading, u guys <3

Also where I come from, we do not have babysitters. So no this isn't a part of an Urban Legend or influenced by any as many of you have been commenting. This story is a product of my imagination. Thanks :)

The Babysitter

It was a bright and sunny day as Mia walked the path leading to her home. She had to hurry up and freshen up as she was babysitting tonight for the Foster’s. She took a quick bath and changed into a pair of jeans and a t shirt and went down to meet her mother. As she ate the brownies her mother had just baked she spoke about her day with her mother.

“The teachers are plotting to kill us I tell you!”

“Don’t be silly Mia”

“Oh you have to see the amount of homework they have given us and they are planning to have a testathon!”

“What is a testathon?”

“Well its like a marathon of tests”

“Kids these days coin terms just for the heck of it!”

“Well you have to admit it’s a cool word” said Mia grinning. Her mother only shook her head in response.

“Mom” said Mia still chewing her brownie, “will you drop me off at  the Foster’s?”

“Of course honey”

“Is Mr. Foster going to drop you back?”

Mia just nodded her head as she swallowed the brownie. Her mother made the best brownies in the world and Mia could not help but eat a lot of it. As soon as she was done she picked her books, wore her sneakers and rushed out. Her mom had already backed the car out of the garage so she rushed out and got into the car. When Mia reached the Foster’s home, Mr. and Mrs. Foster were getting dressed for their evening out.

“Rose and George have to be in bed by 8 Mia, don’t give them anything with sugar in it. No matter how much they ask for it!” said Mrs. Foster.

“Don’t worry Mrs. Foster you’ll just have a good time.”

After giving Mia all the numbers they could be reached at they left. Mia turned to Rose and George and asked, “Shall we play?”

Both the kids nodded and headed to the play room. Mia always enjoyed babysitting these two kids. Rose was an adorable 5 year old girl with curly blonde hair and blue eyes and George was just as adorable, a 3 year old boy with chubby cheeks.Both the kids listened to Mia and gave her no trouble at all. Rose was really fascinated by Mia’s cell phone and kept playing with it, Mia didn’t mind as she had it on the lock mode.

She played blocks with them, they made houses, boats and tall buildings. A lot of times during the day Mia would see Rose staring at a particular corner and talking to herself. Though unnerved at first she remembered that Mrs. Foster had said that Rose had an imaginary friend.

After a while the children were tired of building blocks and wanted to watch cartoons. SO Mia put on a Tom and Jerry DVD. Mia sat on the couch with George on her lap and Rose next to her.

Suddenly she heard Rose whisper, “uhuh I like her she is nice”

“Who are you talking to Rose?”

“My friend”

“What is she saying?”

“She wanted to know if I like you”

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