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Dylan's P.O.V.

It's been an hour since Will talked to Naomi and we've all been watching T.V.- except for Naomi. "Dylan, can I talk to you?" Naomi asked making everyone look in her direction. 

"Yeah, sure," I said getting up and following her to her room. "So, what's up?" 

"I'm sorry," She muttered. 

"You shouldn't be, I still killed someone that was probably important to you," I told her. 

"They weren't important to me at all," She said. "They were abusive, they used me as a slave, not a kid. You were also drunk so logic didn't exist in your world at that time," 

"Yeah, I never go to parties anymore," I said. "But it's fine, you didn't know so it's okay," 

"So, I survived cancer, you survived your accident, we do something," She said smiling. It's been a long time since she's done that. 

"Should we go bowling?" I asked and she nodded. 


Naomi's P.O.V.

We were at the bowling alley and it was Will's turn to bowl. We all dressed up for some reason. Will was wearing ripped black skinny jeans, a white T-shirt with a black leather jacket. Dylan was wearing a black sweatshirt with leather black jeans. Mark was wearing a white T-shirt with ripped Jeans. Keith was wearing a light grey shirt under a red flannel with jeans. I was wearing a dark blue crop top with leggings. Will and I were in a  team so we took turns to bowl. Our team's name was The cow lovers! I kind of forced the team name. Will bowled and knocked down zero pins. "You suck at this," I told him as he sat down. 

"It's not like you're any better at it," He said and I scoffed. 

"Actually I am," I said and this time he scoffed. "Admit it, you know I'm better than you," 

"No you're not," He denied.

"I am," 

"You're not"

"I am,"

"You're not, "

"I am,"

"She is, now break it up," Dylan said. He picked up a ball and bowled knocking over all the pins. 

"See I am better," I said. 

"Yeah, keep talking," He said making me roll my eyes. 

"So Naomi, who's your favourite artist?" Dylan asked. 

"Shawn mendes, why?" I replied. 

"We could go to a Karaoke place after," He replied. "You can sing," 

"No, I think I'm fine with bowling," I replied. 

"You have no choice, we're going and you're singing," He replied grinning but I shook my head. "I'll sing with you," 

"Okay," I replied convinced. 

"Your turn," Will said. I got up grabbing a ball and then bowling it. I knocked over all the pins. 

 "I'm better," I said before Will could get a word out. 

"Fine, you are," He said making me smile in victory. 


We were at the Karaoke place Dylan and I were up next. "Dylan and Naomi," This guy said. Dylan and I got up walking toward the stage. The music started and I started to sing. For some reason we decided to sing the song Titanium-Sia. 

"You shout it out,
But I can't hear a word you say,
I'm talking loud, not saying much," I sang as people cheered. 

"I'm criticized but all your bullets ricochet,
You shoot me down, but I get up," Dylan sang making me look at him with wide eyes. He is a really good singer. 

"I'm bulletproof, nothing to lose,
Fire away, fire away,
Ricochet, you take your aim,
Fire away, fire away," We sang together. "You shoot me down, but I get up, I am titanium. You shoot me down, but I get up, I am titanium." 

We finished singing and made our way down the stage. "That was awesome," Will said as we sat down. 

"I know," I said grinning. "What time is it?" 

"Midnight," He replied. "We should go since we have school tomorrow," 

"I haven't been to school for a while," I said as Will nodded. 

"Which is why we should go home," Will said getting up making everyone else get up. We all followed him outside to Dylan's car. 

5 Minutes Later...

It's been five minutes since we've been in the car and for some reason the guys are arguing over who is wearing the better clothes. It was seriously getting on my nerves. "But look at this sweatshirt, it looks really good!" Dylan exclaimed. 

"Uh yeah? Well look at this flannel, it looks way better!" Keith defended. 

"These jeans are way better than all the clothes you guys are wearing!" Will said. 

"Naomi who do you think is wearing-" 


"That girl has problems," Keith whispered to Mark. 

"Yeah, but I'm the best looking one in this whole car," Mark said.

"Yeah right, I look like Shawn Mendes" Keith scoffed. 

"Lies, Shawn mendes has brown hair and brown eyes and you have light brown hair and blue eyes," I said. 

"I have the best personality," Will said. 

"No, I do," Dylan said. 

"Guys, stop fighting, y'all know I'm the best here," I said. 

"Says the person with anger management issues," Keith muttered.

"What was that Keith?" Will asked. "You're talking about my baby sister ya know," 

"I didn't say anything," Keith lied looking away making me smirk. 

"But seriously, I am the best," I said. 

"No you're not," They all said in unison. "I am!" 

"Stop denying it, you all have a horrible fashion sense, horrible personalities and look like literal talking buffaloes," I told them. 

"You're a talking buffalo," Mark said frowning.

"You're using my comeback on me, it's not going to work buddy," I said smiling. 

"I want a sloth," Mark blurted out of nowhere

"Yeah same, can we get one Will?" I asked.

"I want one too but we can't," He said making Mark and I frown. "Talking about animals, I think we left Wasabi and the dog at home alone," 

"Uh, shoot," Keith muttered slapping his forehead. 

"Idiots," I snickered. 


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