Chapter 20

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Today is DJ's birthday so Blake, Monique and I are taking him to lunch. I decided to to do something different and dress a little girly today. I put on a white bustier with the sides cut out, a coral skater skirt and brown peep toe pumps. I had my hair parted on the side and straightened. I looked in the mirror to see if I looked okay.

"Hm. Not bad," I thought out loud.

I grabbed my white clutch and keys and walked out of my room.


•in my head•
Since when does he use the doorbell?

I opened the door and Blake's jaw drop.

"What?" I asked smiling.

"You look amazing," he said.

"Stop," I said shyly.

"No seriously, you look beautiful," he said then kissed my cheek.

"Well thank you," I said back.

I walked out and locked the door behind me. We got in the car and went to pick up Monique. I noticed that Blake was still staring at me when we got to Monique's house.

"Why are you staring at me?"

"I can't help it. You really do look great," he said putting his hand on my thigh.

"You're gonna have to stop complementing me; it just makes me want you even more" I said with my face just inches away from his.

"You're stunning," he said getting closer.

I pecked his lips, smiled and got out. Instead of calling, I decided to go in to get her. I walked up o her door and went in.

"Monique are you ready?" I asked walking through the door.


I looked ahead to see Troy, Monique's boyfriend, sitting on the couch.

"Hey Briana," he said.

"Hey Troy," I said plainly.

I don't like Troy. I never have and never will. He's way too controlling and has a bad temper, but Monique seems to really love him.

"Ready," Monique sad walking out of her room, "bye babe," she yelled to Troy.

We went back to the car and went to the restaurant where we were meeting DJ. He thought it was just gonna be him and Blake today, but Monique and I were gonna surprise him.

We got to the restaurant and saw DJ sitting on the little bench outside. We got out the car and walked toward him.

"Hey birthday boy!!" I screamed.

"Bri! Monique! What are yall doing here?" he said giving us the tightest hugs.

"We came to surprise you," Monique said.

"I'm glad yall came," he said with a smile.

We walked in and sat at the booth with the Batman balloons around it. I came in early this morning to do the balloons and to tell them when to bring his cake out. He looked like a little kid right now.

"I like this," he said sitting next to Monique.

I sat next to Blake and I just knew this was gonna be trouble. The waitress took our order and as soon as she left, he started. He pulled me closer to him causing DJ and Monique to look at us. DJ just kinda laughed silently because he knew, but Monique was confused.

He slid his hand up my skirt, but I grabbed his hand and stopped him. I looked at him with wide eyes to stop, but he didn't. He slid his hand up my inner thigh which made me jump a little.

"Oh my god, stop," I whispered trying not to laugh.

He just smirked at me and I smirked back. Monique was still looking at us.

"SO DJ, what do you wanna do today?" I asked ignoring Monique's glare.

"I wanna go to Mexico," he blurted.

"Wait what?" Blake said.

"That's so random though," I said.

" I know and I want yall to come with me," he said with that goofy grin, "yall in or nah?"

"I'll definitely go," I said with excitement.

We looked at Blake.

"Sure why not," he said. Then we looked at Monique.

"I have to ask Troy," she said lowly.

"Fuck him, you're going with us!" I said angrily.

Blake's grip on my waist got tighter. He was just tryna calm me down because he knows how I feel about Troy. Monique noticed, again, and texted me:

nique nique 😘👯💕: what's going on between yall? 😏

me: nothing 😇

I looked up from my phone and noticed there was a group of teenagers laughing and pointing at the girl sitting in front of them. My smile faded quickly. The girl looked down at her phone & got up from her table. She ran to the bathroom crying. My heart was breaking because I knew what was happening and I knew all too well.

"I'll be back yall," I said getting up from the table.

I walked in the bathroom and saw her crying in front of the mirror. I grabbed some paper towels and handed them to her.

"I know you don't know me and I know it's none of my business, but I know what's going on," I said sympathetically.

"How could you tell?" she asked, tears coming out her eyes.

"I went through the same thing once."

"You were bullied?" she said sounding shocked.

I chuckled a little, "yeah, but I didn't have anyone to talk to, but you can always talk to me if you need to. Wait right here."

I walked out of the bathroom, got a pen from the hostess and walked back in the bathroom.

"Here you go," I said giving her a paper towel with my number on it, "if you ever need to talk, call me. I'm Briana."

"Thank you so much," she said giving me a hug, "I'm Jennifer."

"So what made you break down like that?"

"I couldn't take it anymore. They've been making fun of me since middle school because of my weight and I don't have the newest clothes. They say things like 'No one will ever love a fat girl like you' or 'Fat people like you have no purpose' and then my so-called best friend sent me this text that said 'you should probably STOP eating. can't afford to get any bigger' and it just hurts," she said as she started to cry again.

My eyes were watering but before I could blink away the tears, they started falling. I knew exactly where she was coming from and it bothered me. I wiped my face and hers and grabbed her hand.

"Come on," I said leading her out of the bathroom.

We walked past my table, her table and straight to the table of the kids laughing.

"Oh hey fat ass," one of the girls said.

I assumed she was the leader of this little clique. The words that just came out of her mouth made me cringe. My fist was in a ball and my eyes narrowed.

"How fucking dare you!" I screamed in her face. The whole restaurant got quiet, but I don't even care.

"Excuse m-"

"Shut the fuck up! How fucking dare you sit here and make fun of this girl because of her weight! I'm not gonna sit here and tolerate this bullshit, so if you wanna bully someone bully me. Make fun of me and my appearance, go ahead!"

"I would never make fun of you, you're beautiful," she said with a shaky voice.

"You sound so ignorant right now. I've been in her shoes before, so I know what it's like to not be a size two. And a bitch like you almost made me kill myself because of it. But just know that karma's a bitch and will come back to bite you in the ass! If I ever see you making fun of her again or if I hear that you're still making fun of her, I'll take that pretty hair of yours and strangle you with it. Leave this girl the fuck alone!"

My face was hot and I felt my hands shaking.

"And you," I said pointing at her so-called friend, "what kinda friend are you to just sit here and let them make fun of her? You're a shitty person and a fucked up human being!"

I turned to give Jennifer a hug and she just cried on my shoulder. Everyone in the restaurant stood up and clapped, but I just ignored them.

"Remember what I said. I'm always here," I said smiling.

I walked back to the table and sat down. Blake, DJ and Monique just looked at me. I was flustered. I wanted to cry a little because old emotions were coming back, but I didn't. 

"What was that about?" DJ asked slowly.

"I'd rather not talk about it," I said. My voice was a little shaky and my hands were still shaking.

Monique knew why I was emotional, but I really didn't want to explain this right now.

Blake wrapped his arm around my shoulder, pulled me in and kissed my temple. They continued to stare at me, but I just tried to ignore it. I knew eventually I would have to tell them, but I couldn't.

"So, are we still going to Mexico or nah?" I asked with a fake smile trying to change the mood.

"Yeah," DJ said lowly.

Maybe this trip will make them forget about this whole thing.


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