Chapter 6

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The minimalist and on trend decor of the room distracted from the fact that the walls in the intern's office were covered in shelves filled with back issues, office supplies and accessories. Everything that needed to be returned to its proper place in the archives or the stock closets of the magazine's offices was left in the intern offices on racks and shelves, and Robyn had spent this afternoon, just as she spent every Monday afternoon, putting everything back where it belonged.

She knew she was extremely lucky to have landed the internship at Vogue UK and to have been able to go and work for the magazine; the reality of what the job entailed was so much more than she ever thought it would be. It was just what she wanted, but the hectic and unpredictable pace of it made it very demanding at times. Not to mention the lack of a regular paycheck, the once a month stipend they gave was alright, and the swag she landed from samples and photo shoots was wonderful too but it was no where near enough to make a living out of, and so she left her glamorous job at the prestigious magazine every evening to work nights as the concierge for a hotel in Trafalgar Square, and on weekends she tended bar at a popular little dive  in Tottenham.

She rarely had a minute to herself between her three jobs but that was alright with her, it drove her to be successful so maybe one day she could afford to relax. At the moment she was happy, content in knowing that she was doing exactly what she wanted. And that was what she was trying to explain to her fellow intern Nicki as they hung up clothes that were precious and probably worth more to the magazine than their lives.

"Nicki I have everything I need."

"Except for a good hard c-"

"Oh My Glob Nicki! We're at work!"

"Ugh, you are a total disappointment, Robyn, I thought American girls were meant to be sexually liberated and free."

"I am sexually liberated and free! Shut up." She frowned and rolled her eyes at the smirking girl with the short blonde pixie cut and waif like body. They were total opposites physically but they got along extremely well. "I thought English girls were supposed to be prim and proper."

Her eyes widened as her friend cackled with laughter and shook her head.

"I don't know where in the hell you got that idea from!" She chuckled as Robyn rolled her eyes again and tried not to laugh. As they walked in their incredibly stylish and expensive high heels -clacking down the chevron patterned marble tiled floors of the halls lined with framed cover shots - back to their office Nicki draped an arm over Robyn's shoulders and smiled at the weary look on her friends face. "He's a really nice guy Rob!"

She smirked and shook the adorable and silly girls arm off of her shoulders.

"No. And don't call me Rob."

"But I went to Uni with him and I know for a fact he's a sweetheart and he's a prude just like you so he'd be fine not sleeping with you if you didn't want him to! Come on Robby!"

She grinned as they took their seats at their glass desks and went about finishing up their duties for the day.

"No. And Robby is better than Rob but don't call me that either."

"Oh please please please please! I've got a date with a good mate of his to go see the Rolling Stones on Saturday night! And I know for a fact you know how I feel about Jagger! And I also know you know he has four tickets and there's no way in hell I can go if I don't find a date for his mate to bring! And I wouldn't dare set up Andy's mate with one of my slag friends."

"You can't call your friends slags!"

"You can't call them slags, because you don't know them. I know them, I adore them, but they're slags through and through. You are the only friend I have who is decidedly not a slag. Please Please Please Pl-"

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