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Mijoo looked a bit lost as she looked around the mansion in complete awe. She didn't seem to care that we were kidnapped, after all it was her first time setting foot on an expensive property.

"..so.." Tae awkwardly trailed off. "You want to play call of duty or what?"

"Ugh I'm so done with you all" I yelled and bend down to grab Mijoo's hand. "C'mon we're leaving" I said and started dragging her off with me when I felt a hand around my waist. 'As if that wasn't expected' I rolled my eyes.

"Sorry we can't let you leave or else the hyungs will kill us" Jungkook said holding me back while Taehyung held Mijoo back. I tried to loosen his grip and run away but just like Yoongi, he kept his grip tight. I sighed and turned around to go to what I thought was the living room.

"Where are you going?" Tae asked as Mijoo trailed behind me still amazed by the architecture.

"Away from you idiots" I spat out and walked into the kitchen. There was a man standing in front of the stove cooking something. He turned to look at the source of voice and spotted me, sending me a warm smile.

"Hi, I'm Seokjin but you can call me Jin. I do most of the cooking here" The handsome guy introduced himself while bowing. I bowed back out of respect and walked towards him while Mijoo went towards the fridge along with Jungkook and Tae to look for some snacks.

"Nice to meet you" I said and attempted to peak at what he was making. It was some kind of fancy dish with fish and a white sauce. "Who's that for?" I asked in curiosity.

He chuckled "It's for my wife. She's craving fish and mayonnaise. Pregnancy symptoms" He said and I smiled.

"Wow! You're having a baby? Congratulations" I exclaimed and clapped at the thought of a child. Even though I didn't know this Jin guy, he seemed like a nice person. Plus I was relieved that there is a woman in the house other than me and Mijoo. I wish Yoongi could be as nice as him.

"Thanks. Are you hungry?" He asked and turned to look at the scene behind me due to the distracting voices. I turned as well to see Mijoo hitting Tae with a rolling pin as Jungkook laughed while watching them. She seemed to settle in really well and get along with the boys. I turned back towards Jin and shook my head. Might as well get along with those goof balls if I'm going to be staying here.


The day had gone by and I'm actually surprised to say that I had fun playing with them. I guess it's because that grumpy Yoongi guy isn't here plus it's been ages since I had a delicious dinner. Trust me, my mom sucks at cooking.

I sat beside Mijoo on the ground in front of the TV watching a horror movie. Kookie and Tae sat behind us on the couch while I clinged onto my best friend's arm as a scary scene came on. Mijoo isn't scared easily so she comforted me by patting my arm, the same happening to Tae (who was scared) and Jungkook (who just ignored the other guy).

I hadn't met Jin's wife yet because she was gone home to her family and Yoongi still hadn't come back. We were watching 'The Conjuring' and I let out a scream as the lights went off when that girl clapped three times. It was so scary that I hid my eyes with a cushion. The thought of escaping was gone from my mind because I was actually enjoying this but soon it all had to end.

The main door of the mansion flew open as I saw a familiar silhouette walk in towards me. I backed away towards Mijoo still terrified because of the movie and held onto her arm. Soon Yoongi's face came into view as he walked towards me.

"Yo hyung" Jungkook said when he realized Yoongi was back. The pale guy nodded his head in acknowledgement and stood beside me. I tilted my head to look up at him and saw his mad face causing me to back away further.

"I'm going to bed" He announced and leaned down to grab my arm.

"Uh okay" I said not knowing why he grabbed me. He sighed and made me stand up.

"And you're coming with me" Yoongi continued and started walking towards the stairs. I struggled to get his hand off my arm and protested.

"Wait! I want to stay with Mijoo... we didn't even get to finish the movie! And why would I sleep with you?" I shouted as the others watched us without saying a word. I'm pretty sure they were all scared of Yoongi as no one dared to speak against him, even Mijoo.

He looked so done with my attitude that he decided to grab me by the waist and throw me on his shoulder like yesterday as he ascended up the stairs and walked towards his room. I gave up because I couldn't be bothered to escape from his grip. He went to his room, opened the door and put me down on the bed. I frowned as I saw him lock the door then go to the bathroom.

Great. What am I supposed to do now? He just had to lock the freaking door. Ugh! This guy is too hard to understand. I got up and tried to open the window to escape but it wouldn't budge. There was literally no way other than breaking the door, but the sound could alert him and anyway I'm not strong enough to break the door.

 There was literally no way other than breaking the door, but the sound could alert him and anyway I'm not strong enough to break the door

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