Chapter 16

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Why! Why does he have to be here? I'm fine with Shane but why douche bag!!

"Um, babe who's douche bag?" Destery asked.

Ok. so I might have fibbed when I said I never had a boyfriend before. I mean he wasn't technically a boyfriend since he was to old. But he kinda was too.

"We call it Zach." Allie answered.

"And who is Zach?" he asked.

"Technically he was my ex. But I didn't really count it because we never did anything, and he was to old for me." I told him.

"How old?" he asked.

"3 years?" I replied

He nodded. "Well sucks for him!" destery taunted.

"Haha! Come on I want you to meet some more people!" I said excitedly.

I pulled him over to the pavilion.

"Toby!" I shouted.

"Hey! Glad to see you! Who's this?" he bellowed.

Toby was my youth pastor, he was friendly and all smiles.

"This is my boyfriend Destery, Destery this is Toby." I introduced.

They shook hands. "Well nice to meet you!" Toby chuckled.

"You too." destery replied before wrapping his arm around my waist.

"So you all get the camp site by the lake, since last year you get the one up here." Toby explained.


Me an destery intertwine hands as we went to the car to get the tents and junk food.

"Ok, I should warn you, you and Nathan will have to share a tent. Toby doesn't approve of us being in the same tent. But don't worry, he falls asleep pretty early." I winked.

We grabbed the stuff and brought it by the fire. In all honesty it was the best spot. It was by the lake and a fire pit.

"Hannah! Go grab the junk food!" I called.

"K!" she shouted back.

As I set the stuff down I turned to grab more. But bumped into a pretty solid peace of flesh.

"Haha! Still as clutzy as ever Kat!" a familiar voice chuckled.

I looked up. "Moosa Bear!!" I shouted, hugging him tight.

"Since when have you ever called me that?" he asked.

"Oh shut up! Its your name in my phone." I said.

"Really?" he questioned.

We pulled away.

Someone cleared their throat.

Oh, Destery.

"Destery, this is Shane! He's been my best guy friend since I was 15. Shane this is Destery, he's my boyfriend." I Introduced.

"Nice to meet you! Nice to know someone's been watching out for Kat since she left." Shane teased.

"Hey! I can take care of myself!" I defended.

"I know, I just love to see you frustrated!" he ruffled my hair.

Destery strides over taking my hand in his.

"Yeah, she's pretty hopeless." he added.

"Hey! Is this pick on Kaitlin day!?" I whined.

"Just kidding babe! You know I love you!" He reassured.

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