Restless Hope by Sarah Benson

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Author: SarahBensonBooks

Genre/Style/Subgenre: Romance Contemporary Competition

Tags used:-#Romance,#Dyslexia,#Niece,#Family Home,#Competition,#Fiance

Summary:- 'In Ardor Tendit'- She reaches towards things difficult to attain.

Beautiful love story served with a dash of emotions, a bit of spices n Viola!- You have a perfect cocktail !

Review:- If the typical chick lit bores you, then I invite you to to a part of Beth Malcolm's life.Loosely based on Jane Austen's 'Pride and Prejudice' with a bit of 'Persuasion' thrown in.

Beth meets Isaac for the first time in 8th grade in Lexington. They bond when she helps him in algebra. Young Isaac went to live with his grandma- Violetta Adams after a scandal shocked Lexington to its core.Isaac was ostracized by his classmates until Beth gives them a piece of her mind. She makes it to Harvard with her friends-Isaac, David n Heidi, only to drop out after one semester due to her father's failing health. She never returned to finish her degree. Her friends start the prototype of the company they had planned together- 'Solere' n make millions.

Fast forward>>10 yrs

Beth is struggling to save her family home, teaching her beloved dyslexic niece Olivia, nephew Toby, while all the time thinking of a way to launch her business - Brain Retain. An app specifically designed to help dyslexic children. She has never gotten over her love for Isaac. Help comes unexpectedly in the form of a competition- The Next Big Thing, started by her friend David who was with her in Harvard.

The chosen ones will be mentored by the panel of Solere. The winner will be funded totally by 'Solere'.

To complicate matters, she is assigned to her love n ex-fiance- Isaac. She is helped by her friend- Sophie who is also selected for her designer dog clothes n her cute dog-Snickerdoodle. Due to a misunderstanding, Isaac exchanges Beth for Sophie. Beth gets assigned to Cole- a hard task master, but excellent in his job.

Two rounds and a lot of app glitches later, Beth discovers that a participant named Selena is purposely sabotaging her app in the hopes of winning the competition. As Isaac n Beth are brought together by parties n conferences, the walls they built around themselves slowly crumble n all that's left are raw wounds- never healed,just sealed.

Isaac never forgave Beth for choosing her father over him n Beth was left with no choice but to choose between her ailing father or her fiance. Matters are intensified when Beth's aunt Alice comes and adds fuel to fire. Beth chose her father but lost her love n fiance- Isaac.

 Violetta(in case you forgot)- Isaac's grandma, brings together these broken hearts with the strong belief that they are meant together. With hearts opened n feelings are laid bare, Isaac n Beth get the happy ending they deserved. But not before Sophie wins 'The Next Big Thing', Beth reaches the finals, gets a fund raiser for her app- Brain Retain, with it's low pricing, can change the lives of millions of dyslexic children for the better.

Gems like these are to be found in the book:-

1)How can they believe in me, if I can't believe in myself?

2) Sometimes you can give up pieces of your soul that you didn't have to if you had searched harder for another way.

3)Some sacrifices may not seem worth it, but they are. They just are.


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