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I banged my head against the car window for the fifth time. "Why do you hate me?" I mumbled.

"Because we live to torture you." My dad grinned at me through the rearview window.

"Oh right."

I sighed, leaning my head back against my seat. My new, very pregnant, step mom, Lisa, slapped him on the shoulder and he quickly grabbed her hand, kissing the back of it. I smiled slightly before remembering the situation I was in and was angry again.

It was the second week of summer right before senior year and I was moving to some lake in the middle of nowhere. Lisa came from a family with money and they thought it'd be a fresh start for their new marriage and for the baby.

I really liked Lisa. She even tried to convince dad that it'd be a better idea to move after I graduated. But he was convinced. After the year from hell I'd had with my estranged mom, he thought moving was best. And that brought us to where we are now.

"I haven't seen civilization for almost an hour." I whined. "And I don't get any service! Shit."

"Language." My dad warned. "Quit complaining, we're almost there." He made a turn onto a road that led into the woods.

"I've seen how this horror movie ends. The car's gonna break down and that's when the murderous cannibal is gonna emerge out of the trees and eat us all."

"We'll use you as a distraction." My dad smirked. I glared at his back. I actually hated him.

"Trust me, Annie." Lisa said, smiling back at me. "This is going to be great. You're going to love the lake, it's beautiful. And your room is huge. You were popular back home so you'll have no trouble making friends."

I remained silent. Of course she was going to say that.

The streets were all winding and most of the houses were upscale. My jaw dropped when we pulled up to ours. It was beautiful and made our loft in New York look like a shoebox. But I wasn't going to let my parents know my pleasant surprise.

I leaned against my car door when I got out. "I could be at the beach with my friends right now."

Dad turned and kissed my head. "It'll be great, you'll see." He popped the trunk. "Come on, the moving truck should be here soon."

I picked my room, which was eerily huge. It had its own bathroom and a huge glass window like the ones you see in the movies. It overlooked the woods. I thought about what could be out there and a shiver rose up my spine.

"Hey Lisa?" I called across the hall.


"Do you think we can drive into town and get a curtain for this window?"

"Sure, I'll add it to the list." She called back.

Looking out onto the lake, I cleaned out the dishes that had been packed away. The lake looked like it went on for miles, more like an ocean. I guess it would be cool, considering I'd never had a pool before. There were a few houses on our street but the rest was just woods.

Two houses down, there was someone doing laps in the water. I leaned against the kitchen counter, admiring the stranger's toned back as he gracefully swam back and forth along the dock.

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