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"That's it Lucky, just focus and don't crash!" Sirius yelled unhelpfully to Harry from the edge of the warehouse the two were currently occupying. The only sound other than Sirius' yelling voice was the roar of 'Delilah' as Harry focused on steering her around the makeshift obstacle course the two had set up.

Sirius wouldn't let Harry take his dear motorcycle out on the streets yet, even if they could use magic to make it possible. He just didn't want to risk his baby being destroyed by an amateur driver, yet Harry remained adamant about learning to ride one. Harry had decided not to mention that it would be pretty hard to damage a motorbike charmed to be unbreakable.

The two had reached a compromise, they would find a rather large, abandoned warehouse on the docks, make an obstacle course with bright orange cone markers, and Harry could learn there. So far, Harry was enjoying the experience, and Sirius was relishing in the fact that he was able to spend time with his Godson again after so many years.

"I wonder if I can obliviate the existence of a nickname from someone's memory . . ." Harry wondered thoughtfully as he eased on the front brake to slow down and turn around one of the cones.

"Alright Lucky, pack it in, we should be heading back to the inn," Sirius' magically enhanced voice called from the other end of the warehouse "it's getting dark."

Harry grinned, the looked remaining hidden due to the helmet currently covering his face, and accelerated towards Sirius, who was starting to feel something was amiss. Harry figured he had a good enough handle on how the bike works to try this stunt.

"Harry, slow down!" Sirius yelled, as the boy rocketed towards his position at top speeds, gaining on him by the second "Stop the bike right now or I won't let you ride it again!" he roared.

"If you insist," Harry mumbled quietly, his voice unheard over the roar of the bike's engine. Harry found he liked driving a motorcycle, probably more so than he did flying a broom. The bike didn't offer much for maneuverability, but what it lacked in that field, it definitely made up for in the speed and acceleration departments.

Easing off the accelerator, he applied the back brake hard, forcing the back wheel to stop spinning and begin to skid along the concrete floor. Harry saw Sirius' eyes widen in shock when he saw what was happening. The dog Animagus covered his face with his arms and turned away, hoping to shield himself from the motorcycle projectile that was sure to come.

While easing the front brake progressively, Harry allowed the back wheel to skid out to the side until the bike came to a complete stop, a mere meter from Sirius' crouched position.

"You can come out now Padfoot," Harry said with mirth, while Sirius padded himself down, wondering why he wasn't feeling any pain. The man chanced a look at his Godson to see him seated on Delilah casually, the back tire of the bike still smoking from the skid while the bike was sitting innocently before him, sideways, with his godson leaning against it.

Harry almost laughed at the conflicted emotions passing through his Godfather's face: pride, jealousy, giddiness, outrage, indignation, and awe. Finally, he decided on one as a brilliant smile lit up his features. Obviously, his appreciation for anything reckless and fun outweighed any responsibilities he probably should have felt as Harry's Godfather.

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