Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover - So Read the Blurb!

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THE LAST RESORT is a contemporary romance from Featured Author and Wattpad Star rskovach that will be published in March 2017. Read on to find out more!

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Alejandra Barros doesn't know the meaning of failure until fate pulls the rug right out from under her Louboutin stilettos.

Board of Directors' meetings, corporate takeovers, and jet setting around the globe don't allow for much of a personal life—and even Ali's limited free time is dedicated to her beloved horses, show jumping at a championship level. When a freak riding accident shatters her wrist and messes with her confidence at work, her boss mandates a month-long hiatus. If she wants to save her career, she has no choice but to go.

Pebble Creek Lodge is not far from Denver, but the high-end retreat might as well be a world away from the frenzied pace of Manhattan. From the moment she arrives, Ali feels so out of place she's practically ready to skip the whole "required recovery" nonsense and hop on the next plane back to New York. The only thing stopping her is the ranch hand Hank Mathis and his perfectly chiseled abs, which are intriguing and delicious enough to make her linger.

By the time Ali admits she's in a bit of a funk, not even the moral and physical support of a gorgeous cowboy is enough to bring her back to her old self—especially when the object of her desires is secretly battling his own demons. To get her life back on track, Ali will have to decide what it is she's really fighting to regain and what it will take to find it—or she'll risk losing the one thing that could truly make her happy.

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If you saw this book in a store and read the blurb above, would it make you interested to read more? If so, you can find more information on where to get it (US & International) for just $1.99 (or the equivalent foreign currency) in the External Link option.

Here's a bit of a secret: the final blurb that you just read and which ended up in the published book is about 90% unchanged from the original version that I wrote for this book before I had even written any of the story! That's right. I try to write blurbs for books before I even write the book itself. I've found that it helps me focus the story and it's a great way to make sure that you don't get bogged down with the details, which is  a major pitfall if you're doing this after already having a 80K word manuscript.

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