Truth or Dare?

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Truth or Dare?

"Come on, Hailey. Your turn."

I hesitated. Who was I going to ask this time? I had already gone twice before, but the game was getting intense now. Everyone had consumed enough alcohol to start becoming sexually interested in each other, even if they didn't know who they were hooking up with. And now, the game was becoming sexual as well.

"Um," I said. "Okay, Mark. Truth or dare?"

"Dare," he slurred. I rolled my eyes. What should I do? Dare was a hard one, especially since it now involves sexual inferences. Three people had already gotten lap dances, two have played seven minutes in heaven, and at least ten have made-out with people they didn't even know. I, however, was still the slightest bit sober. I took another sip of the beer that was in the red plastic cup held firmly in my hands. I needed to come up with something good. I needed to fit in for once.

"Okay," I said. "I dare you to-" I paused, glancing around at all of the anticipating looks on each face. "Kiss Jake."

Some gasped, and most giggled. Mark's face was a mixture of uncertainty and determination. He glanced at Jake. "Let's do this, man."

"No way, bro," Jake said, holding back a burp. "No bro-mance will be going on tonight."

"You have to," I countered, narrowing my eyes playfully. "It's a dare."

Jake glared at me. He was one of the few people here that wasn't falling-down drunk. He was probably more sober than I was. I knew that when it was his turn, he was going for revenge.

Mark scooted over to Jake, who gazed at Mark uncertainly. Everyone leaned forward, watching closely to see if they would kiss or not. Jake shut his eyes and puckered his lips with disgust. Mark planted a big, sloppy kiss right on Jake's lips, then fell back onto his spot. I sat back, satisfied with myself.

"Best dare yet," Amy, a girl sitting next to me, commented. Mummers of agreement echoed her, and I felt a sense of pride.

"I figured the game could use a little twist," I said, smiling playfully and wiggling my eyebrows. Jake glared at me once more and wiped his lips.

"Nothing is ever gonna be the same between us, dude," he said, glancing at Mark. Mark smiled boyishly and took another sip of his beer. I giggled and sipped my beer as well. I felt almost guilty, though. I was only fifteen, along with my classmates, and here we were, drinking and playing a game of sexual truth or dare.

"Okay, Jake, your turn," someone slurred. Jake cast his eyes over at me and narrowed them mischievously. I gulped, knowing the revenge was probably gonna hit hard.

"Hailey," he said with growing confidence. "Truth or dare?"

I knew if I picked truth, I would be screwed more than with dare. Truth held so much personal information. He could ask something like if I've lost my virginity, which I haven't. But did I want them to know that? Of course not. So I took what I thought was going to be the easy way out.

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