chapter thirteen: Wild

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Maybe some women aren't meant to be tamed. Maybe they just need to run free until they find someone just as wild to run with them. - Carrie Bradshaw

A friendly game of hide-and-seek had turned into a competitive match of wit, as it often does in teenagers, too old to play yet too young not to. I barreled around the street corner at an all-out sprint, too fast to be able to stop when I saw the Noble boy head on in my path. I tried but it was no use. I went charging straight into him, tripping over my own lanky legs.

"I'm so sorry," I said, bowing slightly at the waist as one is supposed to when one comes across a Noble, especially in such an impolite manner as sprinting straight into them and nearly knocking them from their feet.

He dusted off his sweater, "It's fine. No harm done."

The way he smiled at me made my face feel warm.

"What's your name?" he asked.

"I'm Willa, er Wilhelmina. But my friends call me Willa," I said, barely meeting his eyes.

"Willa, huh?" he said, grinning.

"Yes," I blushed furiously at the sound of my name on his lips.

"I don't know," he mused, looking me over, "I think you're more of a... Wild."

A broad smile spread across my face. No nickname had ever fit anyone so well, and this from a Noble and a stranger.

"My name's Sparrow," he extended his arm for me to grasp in greeting.


I, Wilhelmina Never, was Sparrow's Wild.

I couldn't believe what I was feeling. I couldn't believe what was flashing through my mind. But I had no reason not to believe it. Unless I was crazy, which felt like a definite possibility in that moment. In my mind I saw intimate moments with Sparrow--moments so intimate they made me blush, because I couldn't remember having been that intimate with anyone. Ever.

I saw us laughing, and cuddling, and kissing, and crying, and running, and screaming, and I saw him far below my ship, running after me from my dying planet as I rose into the sky. No wonder I had seen myself running through the fog with him. Whoever I was before this amnesia was in love with Sparrow. No, not just whoever I was before. Not just the girl who fled a dying home. Me. I was the girl, however changed.

I was in love with Sparrow.

The how and they why of it I couldn't remember. It was like knowing you have to breathe, or drink, or eat, I suddenly realized that I loved him, and it was as if I could never have not loved him and it seemed to fill an emptiness and confusion inside me that somehow only spawned more confusion. I felt like a paradox. I felt like a puzzle that not even I could solve.

My mind reeled with questions: What happened to Veritas? What gives us these abilities? Why are we here on earth? How does he survive in Earth's atmosphere? What is he doing in Mercury? Why is he wearing a suit? What did he want with Daily? What the hell happened to me--to us?

"What do you mean you can't remember?" he asked, and he touched my cheek and my skin felt alive with both electric energy and complete calm. I understood all at once why I had felt so lonely before and all I wanted in that moment was to dive in his arms, to be as close as I could possibly be to him and to never let go.

I felt tears stinging my eyes again, and I tried so hard to hold them back. I tried so hard not to show emotion. But I was nothing but emotion in that moment. I was nothing but fire and stardust, lightening, and heartbeats, and sunlight, and shivers, and breaths. I couldn't explain anything I was feeling in any other way. I felt violet. I felt blue and red, hot and cold, rain and sunlight, colliding in a way that shouldn't make sense--but somehow it did. I felt crazy.

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