Prom Night

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I know I already published this in my normal book, but there is a pretty big chance the next story will be about their first date I briefly mentioned here, and after all did I write this in the Storybrooke High Spirit.
Just hang around and things will get more understandable I promise ;)

"So it's the girls ask the boys huh?" Robin asked her when they walked past a poster for their prom.
"It is." Regina answered.
They were have a break between two classes and after chancing their books in their locker, they grabbed each other's hand and didn't let go of each other since that moment. Which was, by the way, ten minutes ago.
"So, you're gonna ask somebody?" Robin asked her jokingly.
"Hmmm, I don't know. I was thinking about asking Archie." Regina joked back, since it was quite clear she would ask him, 'cause they were having a relationship for almost five years now.
"Hmm, I don't know. I don't think he's your type M'lady." Robin said, trying to be serious.
"He isn't?" Regina asked smiling at him. "Then who is, Mr. Locksley?"
"I think we both know who your type is." Robin whispered into her ear and it sent shivers down her spine. They stayed silent for a few moments, while they kept walking towards their classroom.
"Robin?" she asked quietly.
"If I don't go to our prom, would you go without me?"
He knew she was going ask something like that, because she wasn't sure if her mother would let her go, and even if she would Regina didn't knew if she really wanted to go. But he already knew this without her telling him this.
"No, I wouldn't." Robin answered without hesitating. "But please don't go there just because otherwise I wouldn't go, cause if you go, I want you to enjoy it and not just please me. I only want to go with you, and I'm forcing you to choose for yourself and not for me."
"We're doing this together, or we're not doing it at all, right?" Regina smiled knowingly.
"That's the spirit."
He always told her that. Since they were official together, he always told her that they're doing it together or not at all.
"What do we have now?" she asked him when they crossed the same poster they just saw again. She didn't even register that they were probably walking in circles.
"Uh, English I guess." Robin answered.
"American or British English?" asked Regina him, barely able to hold back a small laugh. Their English teacher, who was a American, always got frustrated because Robin's way of saying some words. The class found it hilarious. Sometimes Robin is doing it on purpose, just to irritate their teacher. Regina couldn't help, but found his British accent rather cute than irritating.
"Probably a bit of both." Robin laughed and they were still laughing when they reached their classroom, were Emma and Killian and a few others already were.

"So, you're going together?" Emma asked them with a knowing smile.
"If I'm going, then we're going together." Regina answered.
Killian and Emma gave them a confused look.
"I don't know for sure if I'm going." Regina explained.
"Why not?" Emma asked, but she already knew the answer.
"My mother."
"How are you doing by the way?" Emma asked a bit worried.
"I'm fine."
"Yes, I'm sure."
"Okay." Emma said, but she looked like she didn't believe Regina.
"Really Emma, I'm fine."
After she said that, the bell rang, telling them the next class started.

It was a few days later and still a week 'till it was "Prom Night" when Regina called Robin. It was late, the sun was already beginning to set.
"Can you come to the park? Now? There's something I need to tell you." Regina said when Robin answered, not bothering to introduce herself, knowing he knew it was her.
"Sure... Do I need to get worried?"
"No, not at all." Regina answered, smiling even though he couldn't see her.

When he came to the park he immediately walked towards the tree near the pond. Like he predicted, she was standing there, looking at the water. When she heard him, she turned around with one of the most beautiful smiles he had ever seen.
"What is it Milady?"
"I'm asking the questions here." She replied serious, but she was still smiling.
"Robin Locksley." She paused, grabbed his right hand and smiled wider. "Will you do me the honour of going to prom with me?"
Robin stared at her. And then smiled too.
"Yes, of course I will."
Then he kissed her, under the tree with their initials carved in it.

Their first date was under that tree. They had a picnic and Robin carved R&R in a heart. After that he convinced her to take a swim in the water, what ended with them kissing in the freezing cold water up to their waists.

*A week later, during prom*

"Can I have this dance?" Robin asked her after a while. She didn't recognise the song, but apparently Robin did, because when she accepted and they started to dance, he started to sing along softly. His voice was giving her goosebumps.

Looking from a window above
It's like a story of love
Can you hear me?

Came back only yesterday
I'm moving farther away
Want you near me

All I needed was the love you gave
All I needed for another day...
And all I ever knew
Only you

Robin stopped singing and spun her around. She giggled and then Robin pulled her closer again and kissed her.

Sometimes when I think of her name
When it's only a game
And I need you

They quickly picked up with the dance when they parted. There were a few people looking at them, but they didn't care.

Listen to the words that you say
It's getting harder to stay
When I see you

All I needed was the love you gave
All I needed for another day...

Robin started to sing again, but so quietly she was the only who could hear it. Nobody heard him sing the first time either, but this was even quieter.

All I needed was the love you gave
All I needed for another day...

This is gonna take a long time
And I wonder what's mine
Can't take no more

Wonder if you'll understand
It's just a touch of your hand
Behind a closed door

All I needed was the love you gave
All I needed for another day...

The rest of the night was them dancing and kissing and enjoying the night and each other.
Afterwards they were both very happy that Cora allowed Regina to go.

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