I:The Basis

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No one's P.O.V.
After the company 'Al-Thamen' was abolished, since it was soon found out by the public that they had illegal dealings, drugs, and thousands of cases involving murders and mutilation, our 'heroes,' namely the 'Resistance'(aka Solomon and co.) founded a new company, renaming it, 'Alma Torran.'

Solomon and Sheba were happily dating, and a lot of their friends (mainly the dunces) teased them about their relationship.

   In short, all was good, until...

"We need to talk, I have something important to tell you." Solomon said seriously, well, more serious than usual.

"Oh...well, ok. I have something to tell you as well." Sheba responded, a tad bit nervous, and she couldn't get rid of this gnawing gut feeling that this would end very badly.

"You can go first, I'm in no hurry,' Solomon gestured to her to have a seat, they were currently alone.(P.S. they live in a flat with the others, they're currently in the living room)

"A-ah...No it's fine, you can go first, mine can wait." Sheba said, complying to his gesture.

Solomon took a breath,'Alright then. I want to break up with you."

Sheba stopped fidgeting, hell, I'm pretty sure she stopped breathing.


He sighed, running his hand through his silky hair,"I want to break up with you. It seems that I do not feel anything for you but to be friends, I'm...sorry, Sheba."

She couldn't stop the tears from falling, but her hand rushed up to wipe them away, although, it proved pointless, they still kept on falling.

Her heart aching, she clenced her fist tighter, and forced a smile,

"It's fine, Solomon, I understand."

'No, I don't understand, did I do something, to make you not love me anymore?'

Solomon looked away, "Wasn't there something you wanted to tell me as well?"

'Please, just leave, your voice is so painful to hear suddenly. Sobs want to escape my throat, and the tears just won't stop falling.'
"Ah,no...It wasn't that important, thanks anyway."

He nodded, and started to walk away, then he stopped, and turned to look at her once again, as if he wanted to speak, but just turned towards the door and left, leaving her with a soft 'click.'

She was still crying when he left, and a few sobs escaped her mouth. A hand went to her stomach, still flat, and touched it gently.

'What are we going to do now, baby? I fear for you, how can I raise you...all on my own?'

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