Silence. (Johnny Depp)

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My name is Christine Angelina Collins and I am nineteen years old. I live in California with my dad. My dad works for a mamgazine and writes articles about famous celebrities. We live in a mansion not far from Beverly Hills and alot of the celebrities stay with us sometimes because they are good friends with my dad. Dad won't let me move out because he doesn't trust me living alone with my condition. My dad is best friends with Johnny Depp and this summer will be the first time he's coming over to stay with us. Unfortunately, I won't be able to hear his voice...because I am deaf.

DJ: Hey guys, some of you are probably wondering why I deleted Blood Lust, and this is the reason :) I've thought of this story for awhile and I hope that you guys will love it!

Cover art by JackSparrow1963

Summary by xTiffRoseParisLovex

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