The Real Cliché

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My parents once told me how they first met. They fell in love as soon as they laid eyes on each other. They even married each other on the same day. Weird, isn't it?

I remember the time when they decided to send me to public school. I was excited, even though the first days were tough. No one bothered to talk to me, until someone approached me and told me that I was the most beautiful thing in the world.

I was surprised by that, who wouldn't be? Love letters began flooding my room, asking if I was just a figment of someone's imagination. I laughed at my lover's letters. How silly that I be asked if I was real or not!

My lover would tell me every single time that I was an inspiration so and so. Indeed, those times were the happiest.

My reputation spread soon after. Many began to know me, and friends of my parents began to talk to me. I was overwhelmed by the extreme fame to the point that I thought I was near perfect.

Until I met someone who told me I was not-my best friend.

My parents were there when my best friend bluntly told me what my strengths and weaknesses were. At first I thought it was a bit offensive, but later, I realized that I had a lot to improve. My parents agreed, and they were really glad that I met someone smart.

Meanwhile, I received a letter telling me how ugly and disgusting I was. I soon figured out who it was. During the first days, it was fine. My enemy would talk behind my back about how pathetic I looked, and even spoke falsely about me. Worse was when my parents were being bad-mouthed.

I cried. I could not take all the hate my family received. It was okay if it was just me, but my parents were involved! Then, my parents separated, leaving me alone.

I lost hope; so much that I decided to end my life.

But before I could even act on it, I saw my lover who smiled at me, saying, "You're still the most beautiful thing on earth."

"Go kill yourself," my best friend said with a sarcastic tone, "and you'll never have a chance to prove that you were worth it."

I dropped the thought of taking my own life, and embraced them. I promised that I would never end my life again.

Good things happened afterwards. My parents reunited, and I had more siblings! My enemy would still be there, but whenever I felt down again, I'd look at my lover and my best friend to remind myself of my promise.

Years passed, and I knew my parents were getting old. Before they took their eternal rest, they held me in their arms and cast a spell-a spell I knew nothing about.

I witnessed many different deaths. It was depressing that I had to see my parents die, my lover and my best friend as well. More years had passed after I finally figured out the spell that my parents cast when I saw that my lover, my best friend and my enemy reincarnated infinitely.

I became immortal.

My enemy's name is Hater. 

My best friend's name is Critic. 

My lover's name is Fan. 

My parents are Author and Idea.

And my name is Story.

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