Chapter 5: The build up

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40 minutes later Comet and I are watching Eve pop Tillie over the practice jump set at 1.10m -The course is 1.20! I spin Comet around and pop him into a bouncy canter around the edge of the arena. When he settles into a steady rhythm turn to the jump and he sails over it as if it's not even there. We land and pull him back into a walk to watch Tom take Rocket over the jump. He growls at Rocket as she takes off and Rocket, doing what any horse would do in those circumstances, slides to a halt tipping Tom into the jump and sending poles everywhere. Comet spooks sideways as Rocket bolts out of the arena.

"I'll get her!" Tom's friend Luke yells as he gallops out of the arena after Rocket. Tom picks himself off the ground and angrily drag the poles back into their cups. Eve snickers and we set off into the arena to walk the course. It's not really a proper jump off as it consists of 8 jumps and a triple bar oxer set at 1.30. I walk the course on Comet as Luke comes back into the on his dapple gray mare Misty. Rocket is following behind Luke looking rather dejected. 

"Times up!" crows Tilly.  "But we didn't even-" Tom started, "Tom I really don't care. Unless you're dying then maybe but you're not. So get your ass up and let's jump this course!" I yelled at him, God he is SO IRRITATING!  Tom glares at me and hauls himself up onto his poor horse. Sometimes I wonder whether or not he even has a heart, honestly! " Luke you wanna go first?" asked Eve. "Why not eh?" He sneered at her and starts to quietly canter his horse Mila in circles. He shortens his reins and they're off! Mila snorts and pings over the first jump effortlessly as if it was barely there, before we know it they're coming up the double. I could see it in Luke's eyes as they took off, the striding was wrong and sure enough, Mila somehow put 1 and a half in a two stride. Mila's white hoof hit the back rail, it wobbled and then ever so slowly it dropped to the ground with a dull thud. From there on Luke tries to make up for it by cutting the corner into the triple bar but Mila was in full momentum which caused them to slip into the jump and they dropped the last two rails and unseated Luke.

Tom sighed. It was gonna have to take a good round.

*Sorry it's so short guys! The next will be longer (PROMISE)*

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