Chapter 6 • Fairy Tail •

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Natsu's POV

" Ok I'm not a hugger and let's go to Fairy Tail." I said trying to stand up. She let go and looked at me ," O-ok..." I nodded and took my anti motion sickness pill. I grabbed my car keys and y/n and I hopped in the car driving off to Fairy Tail.

Time skip to Fairy Tail

I slammed the brakes causing me and y/n to slam back in our seats. I stepped out and she did as well. I looked back at her and smirked ," This is when the fun starts ." I stated leaving her with worried eyes. I slammed the door opened ," WHICH ONE OF YOU JERKS TOLD ON ME AND MADE ME GO TO THE SLAMMER?!" I shouted kicking a table. Everyone laughed and grinned at me.

Y/n's POV

I was behind Natsu following his lead. He told we were going to meet someone named Mirajane. As I followed him I heard whispers that made me nervous.'Am I not tough enough ? Well I am still in my prison jumpsuit.' I thought to myself. "Yo Mira ! We got a newbie joining the guild!" Natsu said slamming his hand on bar. The girl looked at us with her ocean blue eyes,her hair in a pony tail with her bangs showing. "Well well...Lets get you your mark then." She said in a dark tone I heard Natsu chuckle as he grinned.

We followed Mirajane upstairs the steps creaking the whole way. We made our way into a room which I got confused of. "Umm why are w-!" I was cut off when someone held me down on a table. I look to see the person who did and it was Natsu. " WHATS YOUR DEAL LET ME GO!" I yelled at him and he just looked a me. "Locks are in !" I heard Mira said. I then realized I couldn't move my legs or arms. I was cuffed down. "Natsu...I thought I could tru-" I started but was cut off.

"Cut it with that...I'm doing this cause I'm afraid you'll - never mind..." Natsu made his way to the corner of the room and sat down and watched. My eyes widen when I saw Mira hold a iron shape of the Fairy Tail symbol. She heated it up to place it on my shoulder. "No ! No ! Please!" I yelled but she placed the iron on my skin. The heat burned into it. I yelled out a scream tears flowed out of my e/c eyes. I then heard a buzzing and saw Mira holding a tattoo pen. " Natsu please! Stop this! " I yell as Mira was getting the colors ready.

Natsu stood up and made his way around the table that held me down. He placed his two hands on my ears and Mira was tattooing my f/c fairy tail mark. Tears stained my cheeks I looked up at Natsu. His eyes were watching my tattoo being made. "Natsu..." he looked at me and with my cuffed hand I reached for his arm. " Thank you." I winced in pain and he gave me dull eyes. He placed his left hand on face to cover my eyes. I smiled weakly and the tattoo was done.

Before I could go back to the guild hall Mira gave me a black tank top with a black leather jacket with some ripped jeans and sneakers. Mira straightened my hair and made me look at myself in the mirror. I looked nothing like the girl in the prison jumpsuit. I felt happy,it was months since I've seen myself. I walked downstairs and I felt gazes on me. I sat on the bar and Mira gave me something to eat and drink. Once I finished I told Mira I didn't have cash and I thought I was going to be attacked.

"Don't worry about it he payed for you y/n." Mira pointed to the direction and I looked to see Natsu sitting alone with a glass of water in his hands. 'He looks lonely..' I think . I stood up and sat next to him. " Thanks for the food." I say but he only nodded. I have a question for you I say turning my body towards him. He looked at me and I started. " Out of all the people in that prison . Why did you choose me ?" He smirked and looked at me," Cause your special." He stated causing a blush to climb on my cheeks. My chair then turned causing me to face a guy that smelt like sand paper. " The names Max. So tell me what's your name sweetheart." He leaned in and I tried to lean back. " Go make out with your broom Max." Natsu said. " Why you think I'm stealing your girl." Max said pulling me into his chest. "H-hey ?!" I yell. " She's not my girl..." Natsu growled. "Ok so you don't mind if I do this ?" Max leaned on me for a kiss my face paling. Then a smack was made and Max was on the ground. Natsu walked up to Max whispering something in his ear. " Let's go n/n!" Natsu said heading out the guild. I nodded and followed him out.



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